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Our Affiliate Program

You can use your Customer Number to earn points (save real money) at We value returning customers and encourage new customers to come back to us. Thus, we are happy to offer additional opportunities to our loyal clients. Apart from our flexible discounts, which you already know about, we have implemented an affiliate program, which offers extra opportunities to reduce your expenses.

How Does Our Affiliate Program Work?

  1. Log-in to your account using your email and password chosen when you made your first order at
  2. Choose the “Affiliate program” option. Then, you are required to fill out a special form. In addition, it is important to specify your customer number. Then you need to send this invitation to your friend.
  3. Having received your invitation, your friend may decide to make an order at If he or she finally places his or her order at, 10% of the price for every order made by your friend at will be sent to your bonus account.
  4. What is more, you have a great opportunity to receive additional money from the orders made by your friend’s friends, who know about our services from your friend. For example, if your friend’s friends order papers at after receiving an invitation from you friend, you will also get additional points for those orders. You can find more information about bonuses in the table below.
    See the table of percentages here.
  5. You get these affiliate bonuses to your account and can use them to order any custom paper at or transfer them to another account on our website.

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