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The Role of the Semicolon in Punctuation

The Semicolon in Punctuation

Among the list of punctuation marks, the semicolon seems to create the biggest confusion among a really wide range of people. While some prefer avoid using it, hence, avoid making mistakes, others reckon that the knowledge of where to put the semicolon is a privilege of people with an immense intellect. Anyway, our job is to clear up why and when we place the semicolon in a sentence. Let’s start!

The semicolon between main clauses links closely related ideas that could exist as separate sentences. Two equal part or ideas are joined in order to diversify the usual sentence structures and make your sentence sound more sophisticated. For example: “To resolve a problem you should never act immediately; it is always better to give yourself some time for contemplation”. Continue reading →

Memorandum Examples

Memorandum Examples

Writing a memo is a quick but at the same time demanding task. Official documents are always not easy to compose, especially if you are trying to include a lot of information in a small size. Memo does have a lot of instruction and suggestions about its structure language and style, so it is quite easy to forget some of them. Here you are going to meet a few memo examples, as learning is the most rewarding during practice.

Things to Know about Writing a Memo

First, you have to understand the aim of your memorandum. Define the target audience, so that your style and language were aimed for right people. Think in advance how the subject can be fully conveyed to know what you should include in the content of the memo. In addition, you are recommended to think about any possible disagreements and already give answers for them – being a step forward from your haters is an amazing feeling. Finally, remember the format, be consistent and clear. Continue reading →

Write a Character Analysis Essay in 5 Easy Steps

Character Analysis Essay

As a student, you will have to write a character analysis essay at least for literary courses or English classes. In this article, we will delve into the peculiarities of character analysis and will learn how to define the role of a character in a story.

Character Analysis Essay: the Basics

In a nutshell, this type of an essay requires an analysis of the role of the character and understanding of his/her motives. Regardless of the literary genre of the story, in such essays, you have to create the profiles of the protagonist and the antagonist and analyze the conflict between them. Continue reading →

Polemical Depression Topics for a Research Paper

Polemical Depression Topics

Controversial Topics for Depression Research Paper

If you have to write a research paper for your college or university course and have been given a broad topic ‘Depression’, we may help you and narrow it down. These are the ideas for more specific topics to deal with your assignment. Please, make sure you read our comments to every depression research paper topic, which explains how to cover each case.

  • Define the notion of depression as of a clinical psychiatric condition. Comprise main manifestations, which doctors can observe while examining the patient, such as the lack of emotional response and indecisiveness
  • Continue reading →

    Writing a Descriptive Essay about Mother

    Descriptive Essay about Mother

    A descriptive essay is a kind of essay which has to describe the sensory perception of the phenomenon with the help of words only. In such papers, adjectives are very important. However, the author has to avoid using value judgments, such as good, bad, etc. as the reader has to build his own attitude to the described phenomenon.

    What Is Difficult about Writing Descriptive Essays?

    The major difficulty in this task is choosing the synonymous substitutions evaluative words. You probably understand this if you have ever had to describe an object to someone who has never seen it. For example, you might be assigned to describe the wigwam to the foreigners. Avoiding the judgments, you must not say that it is beautiful in its decoration; your task is of much higher order – to convey its beauty in the description. Continue reading →

    How to Become Better at Writing

    Become Better at Writing

    Everyone wants to be a good writer. Even if it’s not your day to day occupation, writing is one of those activities each of us has to deal with. First of all, writing is a skill and like any other gained skills, it gets polished through practice. Here are some tips on how to practice more and improve your writing.

    Use Prompts

    After you’ve decided to hone your writing skills through practice, you might start wondering what exactly to write. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time on writing an extensive research paper because it’s both boring and time-consuming. Start with small and fun writing prompts you can find online. You’ll discover all different types of writing assignments, from creative writing to academic, unlimited ones and prompts that require you to meet certain conditions. That’s the place where your writing skills should be developed. Continue reading →

    A Guide to British Cinema

    A Guide to British Cinema

    British Cinema is one of the most special movie industries in Europe and the world in general. It offers us a lot of the things a cinemagoer can never find anywhere else. Let us look deeper into British Cinema to see what makes it so special and understand why it is different from the rest of the world.

    Great Britain is separated from the European continent by a channel. This separation and a certain degree of isolation from the continent played a huge role in the historical development of the unique British nation. This is why Brexit appeared, as well as the special British humor and one of a kind cinema. If you take a look at British filmmakers and critics, you can understand how British movies are made and why some of them are criticized while others are praised. Continue reading →

    A Doll House Essay

    A Doll House

    The modern world is getting more advanced in the form of gender equality. Previously, women were not treated equally to men and that is why there were so many arguments and scandals on the topic of constant women suppression.

    Weird Case

    Sometimes, the situation can get an unexpected twist and even the laws cannot stand in front of it. As a result, some weird decisions are made, thus influencing certain sphere. In late 2012, there was an example of such weirdness – Chinese couple made a court case, where the husband accused his wife of being ugly! That happened some time later after giving a birth to their baby that turned out to be also not beautiful. Eventually, the man won the court, making his wife guilty in one of the strangest cases ever. Continue reading →

    How to Write a Sociology Research Paper

    Write a Sociology Research Paper

    Each scientific paper has its own structure and aim. A Sociology research paper seeks to examine, observe and explain social processes. Sometimes it is hard to write such an article. Thus, we would like to offer you one of the possible schemes, which you may use to write your sociology research paper quickly.

    Imagine that your topic is “social inequality.” Start your paper with the introduction. Find and analyze information connected to this theme. Make up some graphics and statistics to show your reader that it does matter, and it requires our attention. For instance, you may write that a huge percent of the population is suffering from cruelty and derision every day. Discrimination is all over around us: on TV, on the Internet, in newspapers, etc. Continue reading →

    Want to Achieve Success? Never Say These Phrases!

    Achieve Success

    If you intend to succeed in any undertaking, you are advised to read some stories of successful people as they might teach you important lessons of becoming successful. These lessons will help you reach the summits that have seemed unreachable. Thus, the following are the phrases the majority of successful people have never said:

    I Find It Impossible

    Successful people never say they cannot do it, even if they do not know the situation yet. They leave all their fears and doubts behind to make way for determination to reach the success. It will take some time to understand that the efforts put into any venture will pay off and eventually, you will achieve everything you have planned. Continue reading →


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