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The End of Astrology

While still being significant to several cultures, astrology has already lost its major value among scientists all around the world. The main direction, where this used-to-be science works is zodiac signs, is its connection with stars (astronomy and mathematics) with personality traits peculiarities (psychology). Astrology remained a leading way of predicting everything, starting with political election ending up with meeting with future love. Moreover, the influence that it made for academic part of the world is enormous as well – even the greatest minds of former times referred to this as they thought extremely precise science for decades. However, recently, as the actual progress scattered the shroud of science from astrology, it is not considered as anything real any more. Continue reading →

The History of the Most Common Word OK

The History of the Most Common Word OK

Nowadays, the word OK has already become the most frequently used word that has penetrated almost every language worldwide. Additionally, it has become a universal element, which all computer program interfaces use. Since this word sounds the same in all the languages, it is easily perceived in every corner of our globe. Interestingly enough, this word has a fascinating history. Before it gained its popularity, it existed simply in the form of a joke. Believe it or not, the word OK used to be a fashionable language misunderstanding until it got its modern meaning.

Back to the Origins

More than a hundred and fifty years ago, the word OK appeared in English. In the 1830s, in Boston, there used to be a fashion to deliberately distort different words. Thus, different funny cuts were created out of these distorted words, for example, oll wright instead of all right, oll korrect instead of all correct, etc. Most likely, it wouldn’t have been remembered if not an accidental coincidence. Firstly, the 8th president of the USA had the nickname, which was Old Kinderhook. Consequently, there were a lot of posters such as “Vote for OK”. Secondly, according to the rumors, President Jackson signed government documents with OK, because he had problems with spelling. Undoubtedly, all these rumors were groundless, but, due to them, the word OK was firmly established in colloquial American. Continue reading →

Best Apps for College Students

Best Apps for College Students

Let’s admit it, modern youth cannot live without different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, etc. They spend hours sharing information with friends, surfing the Internet or just killing time. However, it is not as bad as it may seem at first sight. There are many useful apps, which can make the life of a student much easier.

Here is the list of some of them.

You Shouldn’t Live without These Apps!


This app will be useful for those students who have heavy schedules and have to move from one spot to the other very quickly. Transit will tell you everything about public transport, as well as about departure times. Using this app, you will always be updated in regard to transport schedules. Continue reading →

How to Write Dialogue in an Essay

How to Write Dialogue in an Essay

Different kinds of assignments have a number of rules and allow you to apply different writing tools. For example, you can use dialogue only in the narrative essay. Even though you might think that describing a conversation is uncomplicated, it can be tricky. Besides, you certainly need to know the rules to write it properly.

The Rules of Punctuation

  • Finishing your sentences with quotations, put the periods inside the quotation marks.
  • It’s important to remember that if an exclamation point is used by the person who has said the phrase, you have to use it in your quote as well.
  • Continue reading →

Information about Your Personality Can Help You Become an ‘A+’ Student

Your Personality Can Help You Become an ‘A+’ Student

It is not a secret that every person is unique. Consequently, this uniqueness determines how we work and study, how we behave, how we spend our free time, and how we communicate with other people. Every personality has its own characteristic and specific features. It is extremely important to identify what kind of personality you are in order to reach maximum effectiveness in studying and everyday life. Knowing your personality has many benefits. The following article will provide information on some of them. Continue reading →

Where Doctor Strange Originate from?

Where Doctor Strange Originate from

I wonder if there are people who haven’t heard about some Marvel character at least once in their life. We have TV-shows, movies, and comic books with Marvel heroes. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor and many others have already become beloved by people all over the world. One of the most popular characters is Doctor Strange. The franchise is based on Marvel comics.

Where Does Doctor Strange Originate from?

As soon as the Doctor Strange movie trailer appeared, the fans were puzzled by a lot of scenes. In this article, we will try to answer most of your questions and explain the origins of this popular franchise.

The story of this character starts in an absolutely regular manner. Initially, he is a young and talented man who dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon. So, Strange’s life story is not so strange, right? Later, in a series of unfortunate events, he loses all his family members. This leads to a conception of an outstanding idea in the mind of the genius – what if he could keep his brother’s body in case he makes a scientific breakthrough and learns how to revive the dead? Continue reading →

Choosing a Car for College Life

Choosing a Car for College Life

The advantages of having a car in college are enormous. However, before buying one, you have to make it clear, what purposes it will be able to serve for. Your financial resources are limited, so you must evaluate not only the cost of a car itself but the money for maintenance as well. Here is a list of cars for the season that an average student can afford.

The Best Students’ Cars

Nissan Versa – 10.700$

Considered to be an ideal budget version for a student, Nissan Versa can offer you a variable functionality, including Vehicle Dynamic Control, FM/CD/AM audio capabilities, windshield cleaners, and other common features. Apart from the above benefits, the car has 3 different transmission builds – variable, automatic, manual. Continue reading →

How to Achieve Physical Well-Being in Modern-Day Conditions

Physical Well-Being in Modern-Day Conditions

Modern-day technologies have developed to the extent, which enables us to stay in the comfort of our houses 24/7. In fact, you can spend the whole day in front of a laptop without getting up! With the help of the internet, you can exchange information, communicate with people from all over the world, take up college courses, send completed tasks to your professor, order food, and work online.

Comfortable as it might seem, such a lifestyle extracts a toll from your physical well-being. Spending hours in front of the computer monitor, people do irreversible harm to their bodies. Sure, hunching your back with your eyes glued to the screen and your body in one position several hours a day helps you pay the bills. It might even seem that there is no way out from the vicious circle because you need to get a degree and then earn money. Although it is true that you cannot stop working or studying completely and you still need to use a computer, there are some techniques to help you improve your lifestyle and start feeling better. Continue reading →

Guide on Writing an “A” Level Business Papers

If your college specialization is connected with management or finance, then you will definitely be asked to work with accounting papers and other business related research papers. This task can become a difficult challenge in case you’ve never written business papers before. But you don’t need to panic because if you read this article till the end, your business paper writing skills will definitely get better. Read on to find out how to write business papers like a real pro. Continue reading →

How to Spend This Summer Having Little Money

How to Spend This Summer Having Little Money

Probably, you are one of those people who prefer to plan the whole summer in advance at the beginning of it concerning all things you would like to do during the summer vacation. In this list there might be different vacations, going for a walk with your friends, visiting many concerts as well as shows, going to the best restaurants, and so on. This all is rather exciting and amazing, but it sounds like that only until you understand that probably every point in this list costs a very big amount of money. You need to be a millionaire, but you are not. Continue reading →


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