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Effective Writing Tips and Techniques to Improve Your College Essay

Tips for College Admissions Essays

Writing is not the easiest part of college education, since it takes lots of time and efforts. However, there are always ways to facilitate the task. Have you been looking for practical writing tips so that you make your essay sound better? Here is a list of great tips that will definitely help you deal with any type of essay you might be asked to complete. Continue reading →

Dealing with Abortion: Ban Or Allow?

Dealing with Abortion

Abortion is considered one of the most controversial topics in the entire world. Moreover, it has been discussed since the ancient times, starting with such great philosophers as Aristotle as well as Plato. This essay summarizes the main points of why abortion should be banned and gives solid verifications. Continue reading →

3 Steps to Writing an Essay on Stress

Writing an Essay on Stress

Stress is something everyone has to deal with: from young kids to elderly people. It is especially ubiquitous among college students who often have to do their best without a proper sleep or good nutrition. The process of dealing with stress is further exacerbated by the people’s faulty or non-existent coping mechanisms. Perhaps, this is why the following topic is so popular among professors in a variety of disciplines. By tasking their students to write ae essay, they hope to educate them. Here are some tips on how to write an essay on stress. Continue reading →

Tips on How to Write a Successful Poetry Analysis Essay

Poetry Analysis Essay

I guess, if you are studying literature, you may frequently get the assignment to submit a poetry analysis essay. From this point on, you might bombard yourself with questions such as: “Where should I start?”, “Which structure should I follow?”, “What exactly should I analyze?”, etc. So, in this article, you will get to know the main principles of writing a poetry analysis essay.

Part 1. What is a poetry analysis essay like?

Every poet has his/ her own peculiar style of writing. As a rule, there are certain specific characteristics inherent only in the style of your chosen author. Therefore, before writing your analysis essay, you have to reveal which concepts or theories the poet had on his/ her mind when writing the poem.
Poetry analysis as such comprises analyzing numerous structural, functional, and artistic constituents that compose a poem as a unit. Apart from merely indicating which literary devices the author implements in the poem, you also have to present the effect they produce in the poem. Continue reading →

The Summary of “Dear John Wayne” by Louise Erdrich

Dear John Wayne Summary

Like other poems written by Louise Erdrich, “Dear John Wayne” is a reflection of the author’s Native American background and childhood in the small town filled with biased attitudes towards Native Americans. As such, the poem reflects on the racial prejudices that existed back in those times when Erdrich lived. John Wayne in the poem is the epitome of “white” superiority.

The image of John Wayne is introduced into the poem for a special reason: it is a metaphoric depiction of certain dehumanization of the Native Americans and their heritage as they were usually regarded as drunk people who were prone to stealing and raping the whites. Continue reading →

Why Is Balanced Diet So Important?

Balanced Diet

Everyone knows that healthy food and balanced diet are important for our health. Food provides your body with all the necessary vitamins, microelements, and other substances that maintain the right functioning of every organ and system of the body. If you care about your health, you should not consume all kinds of food. You probably know that there are numerous products that influence your health badly. It is much better to consume those products that improve and maintain good condition of your health. Continue reading →

Properties and Uses of NaOH

Essay Writing

NaOH – sodium hydroxide, caustic soda or lye is an inorganic compound. This substance is an ionic compound. Sodium hydroxide forms nearly 50% weight of a saturated solution in water. It is a white crystal at room temperature, which has a melting point of 318 ̊C, boiling point 1388 ̊C, and density 2.13 g/cm3. This substance is a strong base, which easily absorbs CO2 and H2O when exposed. Often, NaOH is used in processing food, unclogging drains, and making such products as plastic, soap, and textile. Sometimes, this substance is replaced with potassium hydroxide that gives similar results. Continue reading →

Writing an Expository Essay for Dummies

Expository Essay

There are a great number of different types of essays, and while many of them have the same structure, their purpose differs greatly. What’s an expository essay? What’s its purpose? This type of essay entails the student to examine the idea, asses the evidence, then explain the idea and make a concise argument in regard to this idea. The methods utilized to accomplish this are contrast, comparison, definition, the analysis of cause and effect, example etc. Expository essays are often included in different exam formats. Continue reading →

Why is Racism an Urgent Issue?

Why is Racism an Urgent Issue

Can you imagine what you would feel if safety devices and guards were fitted everywhere? Your usual visit to a supermarket or café would be observed. You will be chased and monitored all the time. Passers-by would avoid you like a leper. What if your contemporaries at school offended and abased you? This wouldn’t stop after high school and college, even employers would pay attention to the color of your skin. The situation bears a striking resemblance to an awful nightmare. Thousands of people face such thorny problems all the time. The only reason for all these unpleasant things is their difference. Society looks down with disdain at them. This critical issue is racism. Continue reading →

The Best Books Every Girl Should Read

The Best Books

Every girl should read books that teach her what it means to be a woman and tell her about love, beliefs, and values. Do you want to know what books will help you develop yourself? See the list below. Continue reading →


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