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10 Fascinating Facts about Leicester City

Fascinating Facts about Leicester City

Undoubtedly, you might have noticed some headlines concerning English soccer in the mass media. One of the football teams from the East Midlands has notched up a win (“football” is much easily perceived than “soccer” because when in Rome do as Romans do). The recent move to the Premier League and victory over such renowned teams as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool have made the Leicester City famous. The following amusing facts will help you impress your fellows in any discussion.

1.How to Pronounce? While pronouncing the name of the team, you may be puzzled. The rhyme of the club’s name coincides with the word ‘Lester’. Additionally, you may ask what the rhyme for “let’s stir” is. Therefore, we obtain the name of the team, Leicester.

2.Considerable Odds. Some people are over the moon due to the win. The probability that Leicester would win was 1 to 5000. UK press estimates that the total payout could reach the record number of £25 million (more than $36 million) whereas the most fortunate person could obtain £100,000 (nearly $145,000).

3.Match of the Day (MOTD). MOTD is an indispensable part of the sports reportage at BBC. A former English striker, Gary Lineker, who kicked off his career at Leicester City having scored 95 goals, made a promise to present Match of the Day in his pants (British underwear). However, BBC bosses attempted to persuade him not to take such an unreasonable action.

4.Mysterious coincidence. In August 2012, the remains of Richard III, who had been killed in the Battle of Bosworth, were discovered under the parking place. Such an archeological find transferred to the Leicester Cathedral has served as a fundamental factor in the team’s spontaneous victories. This reentry assisted in winning seven left matches and taking the 14th place.

5.King Power. Despite the existence of the King Richard theory, one more King Power influenced the Leicester City. However, it is a down-to-earth retail company. The owner of the group, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, admits that financial backing comes from the duty-free shops, but still believes in the prayers of Buddhist monks that bless the team before the game.

6.Miraculous Longevity. The manager of the Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri, is both a long-living and a pleasant man who managed 14 football clubs including Juventus and Chelsea. However, the most remarkable thing about him is his lunch with 96-year-old mother in Italy.

7.Movie Stars. There have been heated discussions concerning the future film about the ex-medical-splint technician, Jamie Vardy. Louis Tomlinson is going to play Vardy, while Ranieri would not oppose Robert De Niro to depict him.

8.Enormous Wages. Leicester City gets £48.2 million whereas Chelsea obtains £215.6 million. It means that you may possess four such teams as Leicester.

9.Dilly Ding, Dilly Dong. It is not just an annoying sound. Such words Ranieri says when his players’ focus is not on the game. Strangely, but it makes the manager even more agreeable.

10.Outstanding Merit. Leicester City genuinely deserves their victory. They have to enjoy it until Manchester United wins again.

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