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6 Tips for Increasing Productivity

Tips for Increasing Productivity

Productivity is not something that appears by accident. It’s a result of focused efforts and intelligent planning. Staying productive while facing challenges all day long can be a difficult task. I’m sure that if you follow these tips, you will be more satisfied with yourself in the end of the day.

1) Delegate tasks. No one can move mountains alone. However, what if you don’t have a habit of asking for help? From my own experience, I know that introversion, luck of trust, and disbelief that someone can do something as good as you can are the biggest obstacles of delegating. Nevertheless, it’s quite workable. Crush these obstacles one by one. Find the colleague whom you can really trust and ask for help. If you see that it works 2, 3, or 4 times, you’ll understand that delegating tasks is not that difficult. If you are too shy to speak your mind, you may end up becoming somebody else’s workhorse. Probably it’s not something you have dreamt of.
2) Create to-do lists. There are two ways that you can choose. The first way is a complex one. In this case, you have the master list, which includes your long-term goals (like buying a car, or cleaning the closet), the weekly list that includes your tasks for the following week, and the daily list which is also known as a HIT list. The second way is to use only weekly or daily lists. When creating a to-do list, write down at least 2-3 important things that you need to do and give all your attention to their completion. To make to-do lists work, assign each task the time when you will do it.
3) Do not get sucked into unnecessary meetings. Decide which meetings you can reject. More and more companies are starting to realize that they have too many unnecessary meetings, which simply waste the time that can be used for work.
4) Take breaks. Of course, being productive involves focusing on work, but it also involves taking a break. It doesn’t mean switching from work on the project to social networks, it means taking a break. Did you know that people who sit 8-10 hours at the desk have increased chances of having a heart attack? When taking a break, you should refresh yourself both physically and mentally.
5) Weed out distractions. With the incredible number of social networks, it’s easy to get distracted, but the ability to concentrate is essential for your productivity. When you need to have something done, disconnect from the internet, turn off your phone, and close the door.
6) Stop watching so much TV. Americans spend too much time watching TV. Actually 34 hours per week, according to Nielsen. That’s totally counterproductive. Just imagine how much additional time you will get if you abstain from TV. Empires aren’t built on couches.

You can start increasing your productivity any day you want. Just make a strong decision and stick to it!

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