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A Doll House Essay

A Doll House

The modern world is getting more advanced in the form of gender equality. Previously, women were not treated equally to men and that is why there were so many arguments and scandals on the topic of constant women suppression.

Weird Case

Sometimes, the situation can get an unexpected twist and even the laws cannot stand in front of it. As a result, some weird decisions are made, thus influencing certain sphere. In late 2012, there was an example of such weirdness – Chinese couple made a court case, where the husband accused his wife of being ugly! That happened some time later after giving a birth to their baby that turned out to be also not beautiful. Eventually, the man won the court, making his wife guilty in one of the strangest cases ever.

A Doll House Comparison

Quite a similar example can be observed in a work by Henrik Ibsen – A Doll House. The play highlights the problem of gender roles in nowadays society. Even though so many changes happened over a few centuries, the situation happened in 2012 still reminds us that not everywhere the women are treated in the same way. In the Ibsen’s play, you can see a couple (Nora and Torvald Helmers), who lived together quite peacefully and everything seemed fine. While Torvald was making for a living, Nora was a housewife and took care of the children. An ordinary beloved couple at the first sight, but that was not as easy as it seemed. Nora was a woman that had to sacrifice a lot in order to be a pure beauty in Torvald’s eyes. Her husband did not know about her painful living and thought that she was actually a toy for him. He perceived her as a private belonging that he could do everything with. The consequences of such secret life of both lovers were doomed – after both have found out about the hidden affairs, everything turned upside down.

Consequences of Secrets

Nora was so much disappointed that her husband was of such a low thought about her that she could not bear anymore. On the contrary, Torvald – he was frightened that Nora was much more confident and intelligent that he used to think. He considered his wife as a prize, while she should have been his companion as in an ordinary family. Such marriage had no success since its foundation as the key feature of every family is honesty – as soon as the spouse does not have any secrets, they will live in harmony and peace.

Real Life Consequences

The problem of people in the nowadays world is that they are too many prototypes of Torvald and not enough samples of Nora. The woman in China who lost the case to his dull husband for being not so beautiful did not completely understand her possibilities and potential. She made a lot for the family, she was bringing up the children and the result of everything this is unreasonable accusing of being not enough beautiful.

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