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Argumentative Essay on the Problem of Animal Testing

Problem of Animal Testing

Animal testing still remains one of the most burning issues of the modern times. As a rule, this problem is strongly discussed among the animal lovers and those who claim that it is totally wrong to perform any kinds of experiments or tests on the living creatures. Actually, there are numerous reasons why animals are used for testing different foods, chemicals, drugs, cosmetics, and other stuff. Usually, these reasons are solid enough to be understood by people because mostly it is due to this testing that people can use numerous substances without the fear for their health or even life. Nonetheless, many claim that animal testing should be prohibited.

When it comes to academic writing and the topic of animal testing, student usually tend to choose the argumentative type of writing and they present two opposing opinions: for and against animal testing. If an essay is successfully written, it provides not only two contrasting viewpoints but also specific details to support and develop the argument. When writing such kind of argumentative essay, it is important to keep in mind that you should present your clear position and support the claim.

A properly written argumentative essay seeks to answer the following questions:

  • What is the main reason people tend to conduct animal testing?
  • Is animal testing really that necessary and cannot be avoided?
  • What are negative impacts on some of the animal species?
  • What are the available alternatives to animal testing?

When writing an argumentative paper, keep in mind that you should provide statistics. Actually, statistical data is the major point of evidence that helps to justify your claims or support your statements. Besides, when providing some shocking statistics, you will sound more convincing, and thus the audience (or readers) will not have any hesitation.

The main argument that the opponents of animal testing put forward is that the experiments on animals are completely unnecessary because of the technological advancements. So, if you provide this or some similar argument, you must clearly state which technological advancement can be introduced and used instead of animal testing.

All in all, many argumentative academic papers aim to prove that animal testing is either cruel or helpful, or even both (which is the most probable option). When writing such kind of academic essay, you will see that it touches upon your ethical beliefs, your attitude to moral dilemmas, etc. So, when writing an argumentative paper, try to think clearly and do not rely that much on your feelings and emotions.

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