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Cheap Flights: The Best Tips

Cheap Flights

As a rule, flight tickets are the most expensive part of traveling. So, when you are traveling on a budget, you should consider other options. I have sufficient traveling experience so far, and will share some tips and tricks on how to travel and substantially reduce the costs.

Tips and Tricks:

1.I Recommend Using a Fake Location

Location does make a difference – there are some airlines that offer tickets at lower prices in case you reside within the area of sale. Well, it especially makes sense when you are booking a domestic flight.

For instance, you need to go from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, and in case the ticket will be bought in the United States, it will be more expensive in comparison with the offer for citizens from Thailand. Reduce the ticket price in such a way: just change your country on the airline website.

S. A drawback of such an approach is that often you have to operate the website in the local language. Though, it is not a huge problem – there are loads of other hacks and online translators to help you!

2.You Should Know When to Purchase

There is a myth that Tuesday afternoon is the time when the tickets are the cheapest. However, there is no fixed time when the airlines suggest lower prices. The price may be changed only according to the demand and season.

Though, there is a possibility to cut the ticket expenses and plan your trip for the dates when prices are expected to be cheaper. You should look up a month view of the timetable of flights.

There is one more thing: the last days and even hours are also cool for ticket purchase if you are also a spontaneous traveler as I am. The airlines are eager to sell the remaining seats even at a reduced price. But be aware that there may be NO seats left, so make sure you have other options in such a case or will be able to reschedule the trip.

3.Do not Forget Search Engines

They are of significant help when you need to compare the prices and find really the cheapest one. Though, be careful with the hidden fees the search engines can often add to the overall price. My personal recommendations will be Hipmunk, Skyscanner, and CheapOair.

4.Deals Forever!

There are diverse airfare alerts for which you can easily sign up and keep track of the most relevant, cheap deals, and available discounts. For instance, Watchdog is an awesome resource that will always timely inform you about cheap flights on a particular route you have chosen.

5.Social Media are Also Helpful

The majority of the airlines actively use social media in order to communicate their promos, web-only fares, and two-for-one deals to the target audience. So keep in touch!

6.Consider Extra Fees

Always keep in mind that the end costs and extra fees may result in considerably higher final sum. These extra fees may include fare for particular seats, luggage, meals, extra legroom, etc.

Travel much and know the tricks 😉

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