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Cheap Travelling Around the World

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Spain? Mexico? Brazil? Australia? Thailand? You think you can’t afford to visit these fascinating countries, right? I will change your mind today. Be sure!
You have a decent job, you don’t buy unnecessary stuff, you try to save, but in the end, you say that you can’t travel because you have a lack of money. I don’t understand that. Many people around the world travel a lot without spending too much money. What are their strategies? Thinking wisely what to spend on that’s what’s important. I suppose, it is not very hard if you really want to travel instead of creating new silly excuses why you can’t.

Let’s follow Graham Hughes’s lead. The man travelled every country in the world without taking a plane. And yes, it IS possible indeed. Here are some great tips to travel on the cheap:

1. Learn foreign languages.

Many bloggers don’t consider knowing foreign languages important. On the contrary, I would recommend learning some. That will help you save some money. Locals really appreciate when you can speak their language. This way you have a chance to rent a cheaper apartment or get a good advice where to find one. Besides, knowing the language of the country your travel gives you great access to local websites with nice offers on hotels, attractions, flights, train tickets, etc.

2. Find a job during your travels.

If you plan to stay somewhere for two or three months, why don’t you find a job? It is especially easy if you can do your job on a computer. Another option is teaching English. Those lessons bring money, and you can learn new foreign words as well. Moreover, you socialize with locals and meet new people.

3. Socialize with locals.

Locals can be your friends if you are cordial and kind to them. Ask for help whenever you need. Many of them will eagerly give you a hand. A lot of countries are popular for their nice and sincere people. Don’t miss the chance to get to know them yourself! Get good prices and communication. I am sure, these two reasons are absolutely rewarding.

4. Give up your bad habits.

Drinking and smoking are not your major must do things during travelling. Besides, you spend a lot of money on these unhealthy habits. So why don’t you cut down on them? Or maybe it’s high time to give them up? According to statistics, nightclub lovers and smokers claim on spending more than 50% of their budget. I guess it is too much.
Travel to different countries even when you don’t have much money. Spend some time searching for cheaper options and enjoy your rest. Otherwise, there will never be the right time.

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