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Cheating with Modern Technologies

Cheating with Modern Technologies

Ask your parents if they have cheated on tests at school, college, or university. In most cases, the answer will be negative. The recent study by the University of Rutgers has shown that 64% of students have cheated during the tests in college. Moreover, 25% of these students see nothing wrong with having their mobile phones or other gadgets help them during studying. Even though the risks of being caught are extremely high and the punishment is still severe, it does not prevent the students from using their devices to get the better mark. Before explaining a few methods of engaging modern technologies to improving the grades, it is important to stress: none of the following methods is described to promote cheating; you should try the tips only at your risk.

Earphone Method

  • Necessary item: MWE Spy Earpiece
  • Level of risk: Minimum

If you want a solid and reliable way to earn an excellent grade for your test, Spy Earpiece will get the job done for you. Put it in your ear and let your friend on the other side of the line make all the tasks. The device is connected to the phone via Bluetooth and is compatible almost with all the models. If you are ready to pay more, this gadget is just for you.

Google Method

  • Necessary item: Phone with Internet connection
  • Level of risk: Maximum

Sometimes, you do not want to spend much time, money, and efforts on cheating. Here come your physical capabilities. If you are agile enough and can unnoticeably search for the answer on the Internet during the exam, you probably do not need any earpieces. It is recommended to make bookmarks for quicker access to the necessary information.

Lyrics Method

  • Necessary item: Newest Apple gadget
  • Level of risk: Average

Recently, the Apple Company added a new feature to their devices – lyrics function. While a song is playing, there are lyrics scrolling down the screen. The trick is that you can put anything instead of original lyrics, for example, the necessary material for the test. This method may seem not really worthy, but if it works, you benefit a lot.

Long Sleeve Method

  • Necessary item: Long-sleeved piece of clothes
  • Level of risk: Average

If your finances do not let you buy expensive earpieces, use your casual ones to cheat. The other thing you need is either a jacket or a shirt with long sleeves. Simply stretch the headphone wires to the sleeves and fix them. During the test pretend to rest and lean your head on a hand. After that, press play and listen to the prerecorded audio file.

Virtual Keyboard Method

  • Necessary item: CL850 Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Level of risk: Maximum

Only the guys with money can afford themselves this expensive entertainment. If you are sure that during the test you will be sitting on the back desks, then it is high time for you to buy a virtual keyboard. Simply type a question on the desk, so that you do not need to put your hands under it. As simple as that, however, might be unavailable for the middle class students.

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