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College Application Tips: Everything One Should be Equipped With!

Everything you need to know

No doubts, your high school career has been dedicated to the successful continuation in one of the prestigious colleges. By now, you probably have prepared the perfect transcript, passed the required standardized examinations, partaken in numerous extracurricular activities, checked the educational institutions and composed the list of the best-fit colleges. Now, your task is in proceeding to the college applications. Here are some tips for the most relevant categories related to your application:

• The majority of colleges require online applications via the Common Application tool, or at the website of the college.
• The Common App allows applying to numerous colleges by filling one form. Be careful and check the requirements of each college that may differ significantly.
• The application will ask you to provide the details regarding your: personal background, high school records and GPA, standardized test scores, achievements in extracurricular field, awards, and recognitions. Prepare this beforehand!
• If you lack some information for the completion of the application form, don’t worry. Just file the started application into the system, and save for the future retrieval.
Application Fee
• The application fee may vary from $30-$60 for the US candidates to $60-$150 for international students.
• Many colleges offer fee waivers when the applicant satisfies certain conditions.
• Each application requires separate transcript.
• Some colleges request the direct mail from your high school while others may accept the transcript in a sealed envelope along with the other application papers.
SAT or ACT Score Report
• Your scores received at SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests may be sent directly to the targeted colleges. If you did not list the colleges when taking exams, you may send the results later.
• Check the deadlines for the applications at the targeted colleges, and schedule your tests in advance. It may take up to 8 weeks to get the results.
• The test policies of different colleges may vary. Check policies to make sure your scores comply.
Letters of Recommendation
• Most colleges will request up to three recommendation letters from your teachers or counselors.
• Entrust this task to the teachers or people who can present your positive sides and achievements.
• Make sure you give enough time to write recommendations, provide all the required information to the referees, and say thank you!
Personal Statement
• The majority of applications require writing a personal statement (statement of purpose).
• The statement should be elaborated in 300-500 words essay.
• Convince the committee showing your exceptional characteristics, accomplishments and motivation!
• Ask someone to edit your paper!
• Make sure your essay is free from any errors, misspells or logical fails.
Financial Aid
• In most schools application for admission and financial assistance are two separate procedures.
• If you apply for financial aid, make sure your admission application is submitted earlier.
• Some colleges have specific requirements for financial assistance (financial aid forms, backgrounds).
Now, you are equipped with essential tips on college application process! Enjoy your application, and have a good luck!

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