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Creating Your Own Playlist of Popular Social Music

Social Music build Your Own Playlist

Many people surf the Internet with the purpose of creating their perfect playlists. The process is often tiring and time-consuming, especially when you do not know how to find user-friendly websites. With the aim to help you make your perfect playlist of social music, we created a chart of five websites where you can find music that matches your specific taste.

Top five sites to find poplar music


If you want to create an extensive playlist, this website will be the best choice, because its database includes music of different genres. The website is also user-friendly, since it allows listening to music by using numerous stations and declining the songs you don’t like. Slacker is also well known for its custom stations that allow users to quickly complete the search as well as recommend related material.


This website is a perfect choice for those music lovers who dream of creating ideal online mixtape. The website allows one to either make playlists via Favtape search or add favorite music to existing playlists. Users also love the website for its unique style and ability to share their selections via social networks.

If you always want to stay updated about music choices of your friends, visit, since the website recommends playlists created automatically based on the preferred music of users’ friends. The website also allows you to feel like a DJ for your friends and broadcast your music choices through various social networks. Most importantly, with, your playlist will never seem monotonous.


The central idea of the website is to allow users share their mixes with friends. It can be done through user-friendly music programming that makes the process of making your own playlist real fun. Create your mini library by uploading your own music or picking up tracks from the website’s database and mix it using the software. Whenever you are eager for experiments, try your skills at 8tracks!


The website is loved because of its usability and convenient search of music. Just type your preferred song, artist, album, etc. into the search and Grooveshark will do the rest of job for you. The playlist can be started once you have chosen your favorite artist or song. The website will recommend you similar options from its database and you will definitely like it!

Aren’t you tied of pointless search of interesting music in the web? Do you want to demonstrate your skills of a DJ and your perfect music taste? Use one of the websites from our top 5 list and you will certainly enjoy the process of making your own playlist.

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