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Cultivate Friendly Relations with Professors

How to Talk to Professors

Studying in college or university is absolutely great. You meet new friends, you socialize, you learn new things, you broaden your outlook, and you become independent. Your classes are interesting and knowledgeable.

You become smarter in the chosen sphere every day. You read a lot, and you do research. Right! But who gives you the most? Who influences your future carrier? Who becomes your guide? I am sure you know the answer. Those are your PROFESSORS who give you knowledge like once Prometheus gave fire to people. They are the ones we want and have to stay in contact. However, most of us feel shy to come up to a professor and start a conversation. We don’t know how to start and what to say.
I am here to help your deal with your fears. Thus, I made a list of handful tips how to talk to professors.

1. Don’t hesitate.

If you are interested in the course and you want to know more about it, don’t hide your enthusiasm. Go straight to the professor and ask where to find more information. If you want to invite your professor for a cup of coffee and discuss some details, do it. There is nothing embarrassing. They will appreciate the fact that you’re sincerely fascinated with their courses.

2. Don’t miss the classes.

Attend all the classes your favorite professor teaches. Participate in discussions, ask questions during lectures if something is unclear, and enroll in other courses. Volunteer to do additional tasks. Hard work is always rewarded.

3. Be polite.

Your professor is not your friend. That means no stories about last night’s party. When you are talking to the professor, be concrete and accurate. Prepare the questions you want to ask. However, don’t overload your professor with a list of 20 questions. It is not an interview. Bear in mind that you are not a reporter and your professor is not a superstar.

4. Write an email.

If you are very shy and it is not your cup of tea to be bold and courageous, you can do it in a written form. Write an email to your professor. You can ask everything you are interested in. I am sure the response won’t let you wait long. Online talks can easily become real talks. This way you build stronger relations and become more confident to come up to your professor.

5. Be ready for disappointment.

Not every professor is always willing to talk much with students. So don’t get upset if you don’t get an answer after sending an email. Don’t expect too much. Everyone can have a bad day.
To sum up, my biggest advice it to talk to the professor whose lectures you are interested in. It is a great chance to discover some talented, intelligent and unique individuals. Who knows, maybe they will become your friends?

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