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Data Capturing Methods

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Ways of collecting information may be various. There are several methods of getting the necessary data and the most popular among them are:
Interview. While conducting an interview, you have to mention the number of interviewed people, who those people were and what were the questions.
Questionnaire. Here the types of questions should be specified as well as your responders and the way you distributed the forms.

Archives. Unfortunately, you are not able to find all the information on the Internet. Visit your local archive to look for necessary material.
Observation. The theory is good, but not always enough. Do examinations to fill your theory with empirical data.
Data collecting methodology may also consist of explaining your choice of source. When you compare two pieces of writing, it is a good idea to explain why you have chosen them to make your essay more decent.
Quantitative methodology is used if you have really reliable statistics. Commonly used in economic and humanities essays together with descriptive methodology, which is unimaginable without some kind of statistical data. Content analysis, one more method that is widely used in political science and philosophy, would be appropriate when you count certain topics and their connections within a specific political or philosophical speech.

Adopting a Method

It is also possible to use already known methodology, applied by a certain author. Edward Said’s methodic will help you to analyze the books on foreign lands whereas Mark Bloch’s approaches will be helpful while describing the presidential and king’s court ceremonies.

Describing Your Methods

Failing to identify the methodology you used is not that bad. You can describe the steps of your own research. Keep making notes while working, and soon you will be able to come up with the methods. Be sure you have the following:
– Means of the research (books, online articles, publications, etc.)
– References (names of particular books, websites, publications, etc.)
– Reasons of choosing that references (genuineness of the site, book popularity, etc.)
– Proofs of veracity of the data (means of crosschecking and double-checking, etc.)

Examples of Project Methods

The project methodic shows us how the research is accomplished as well as its preliminary conclusions. Here is an example of project methods for dealing with an issue:
– Developing the problem statement.
– Looking for reasons.
– Finding alternative solutions.
– Choosing the best solution.
– Solution realization.
– Checking and getting feedbacks.
Well-organized project methods is a road to avoiding several failures. It also allows filling the project with consistent data in the future.

Examples of Research Methodology

This section will let the reader know about:
– Field of study.
– References to the used data.
– Tools and evaluation methods.
– Study restrictions.
You must pay a decent amount of attention to make the research methodology part qualitative enough, as it is one of the most significant parts of your research.

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