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Effective Ways to Manage Your Time during College Exam Season

Balance Your Time

Studying at college can be exceedingly stressful, especially for the first-year students. Numerous assignments, group projects, and exams demand a lot of mental work and, as a result, you feel stressed and exhausted. With such a busy schedule, it is difficult to find time for yourself. Here are some tips that will help you effectively manage your time in college.

Always think a month ahead

When exams are approaching, you can start preparing for them beforehand. Actually, it is not early. You will be able to attend various events if you do not postpone your study. Use bright multi-color pens to highlight major exams, deadlines, and social events in your planner. This excellent way ensures successful college life.

Find your ideal place for studying

Try to identify the most suitable place for you to study. Perhaps, it is your room or even a library. Sometimes, different assignments require attending different places in order to accomplish them properly. Therefore, when you see your assignments, you can easily choose the right place and plan your study hours. It saves your time!

Create meals schedule for busy weeks

Your energy levels significantly decrease if you forget to eat on time. With a meal plan, you can avoid such unpleasant situations. Your schedule may look as follows:

Monday: Pack some sandwiches | Dinner on campus

Tuesday: Lunch at home | Dinner in class

Wednesday: Pack some sandwiches | Dinner at home

Thursday: Lunch on campus | Dinner at home

Friday: Lunch in class | Dinner at home

Saturday & Sunday: Eat at home

Due to this basic schedule, you know exactly when you need to prepare dinner or pack a sandwich. Moreover, you do not waste time thinking what to eat. Scheduling helps you calculate how much money you spend on food per week.

Don’t forget about relaxation

Although weekdays are full of meetings and exams, dedicate an hour after each day to relaxation. Do something that can recharge your batteries. It is beneficial to your health.

Test your knowledge

Many students never feel completely ready for an exam. It is hard for them to understand whether they have enough knowledge to stop studying and successfully pass an exam. If you want to feel ready, you can create outlines of all the course material topics. By filling it in, you learn whether you are ready for an exam or not. If you are able to write in and explain specific concepts, you are ready to go. Moreover, you can refresh all the concepts in your mind if you do a quiz right before the exam.

College life is stressful and fun at the same time. Follow these tips and you will be able to reach study-life balance. If you learn how to balance your college life, it will be easier for you to balance work and life later.

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