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Effective Writing Tips and Techniques to Improve Your College Essay

Tips for College Admissions Essays

Writing is not the easiest part of college education, since it takes lots of time and efforts. However, there are always ways to facilitate the task. Have you been looking for practical writing tips so that you make your essay sound better? Here is a list of great tips that will definitely help you deal with any type of essay you might be asked to complete.

Try to Keep Your Reader Gripped

Successful writers always make their readers interested in and curious about the forthcoming events of their pieces of writing. Thus, you need to think of a hook that will encourage your reader to want to read and discover more. The first sentence of your essay is the most important since it is the one that helps your reader decide whether your essay is worth being read or not. Make the first sentence of your essay gripping, and you will definitely establish this vital connection between your essay and its reader.

Focus Neither on the Past Nor on the Future

When writing an essay, it is highly recommended to connect both past and future so that you show your growth as a person. Describe your past by showing what impact it had on you as a person. Undoubtedly, your past forms your future and helps to move forward. Thus, write what you learned from your experience, and how it shaped you the person you are nowadays.

Be Open and Honest

When writing about your past experience, do not simply recount the events that happened to you. Make sure you include the feelings you had, changes that occurred to you, your thoughts and worries, and an influence these events had on your priorities and values. Believe it or not, when you reveal your weaknesses, readers connect more.

Make an Unexpected Twist

If it is possible and makes sense, you can experiment with revealing something unexpected or giving your essay a twist. It can be anything your readers would be surprised you did or thought.

Actions Speaks Louder than Words

Let this phrase be your motto when writing an essay. Avoid unconvincing and unnecessary general phrases that everyone uses. Instead, focus on describing the events that happened to you, decisions you made, the risks you took, etc.

Regardless of the topic of an essay, consider the mentioned above tips so that you write a successful essay. Be assured, with the help of these effective techniques, you will definitely get the highest possible grades.

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