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Example of a Sociology Research Paper

Sociology Research Paper

Many young people who are freshly out of high school might find the task of writing a research paper quite perplexing. Subjects such as sociology or social studies can make the matters even worse because this field of studies is not something many students have enough experience with. That is why sample research papers exist. A sociology research paper follows a standard layout that you will find below. Each section will have a subheading that will guide you through the structure, but you do not need to include them in your actual paper. The given below paper is also useful in terms of depicting various constructions and phrases that you can incorporate in your own writing. Mind that the given example is not a research per se, but only a summary of one.

Social Inequality in Modern America


Nowadays, American society is painfully familiar with various kinds of inequality. They come from different sources, however, they are mostly centered on individual’s gender, sexuality or race. Arguably, gender inequality is the most common and developed kind of discrimination that millions of people face daily. There is virtually no area safe of gender discrimination, it occurs at school, at work, at home and on the streets. Before we study the peculiarities of this issue in depths, it is necessary to draw a line between two seemingly opposing terms – equality and inequality.

Developing the Hypothesis

The aim of this research is to bring awareness to the public and contribute to solving the problem of inequality through different sociological theories. This paper evokes a purpose of determining the correlation between different forms of inequality in the US and the sense of personality expressed by individuals. The main hypothesis of the research speculates that the differences between equality and inequality do not determine their mutual opposition.

Research Methods

The research method used in this paper is conceptual. This means that a conceptual system will be developed to represent the relations between all its constituents that create a whole.


According to the findings of this research, we can state that the term ‘inequality’ is not an antonym to the term ‘equality’. In the research, it has been discovered that the nature of inequality is a lot more complex than of equality. While equality is the absence of inequality, it does not work like that the other way around. Inequality consists of nine different layers the existence of which is provoked by personal differences of individuals. Thus, inequality is not the absence of equality but a result of complex human behavior.


The definition of equality is not a clear cut due to the complexity of each type of inequality. From this point of view, a clear definition of both terms cannot be achieved. On the other hand, the difficulties that arise are a direct result of widely spread inequalities that are detrimental to American society.


To sum up, inequality in all its representations is a serious issue that affects America in particular and world in general. In addition, equality and inequality are not mutually excluding terms and require further research.

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