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Free Places to Visit in Philadelphia

Free Places to visit in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, or the City of Brotherly love, is the fifths most popular city in the USA. Tourists come here to taste a cheesesteak, water ice, and Irish potato candy; visit hot live music venues and get acknowledge with local architecture. Moreover, it is not difficult to spend few days in the city without squandering your earnings. Here is the list of free must-visit places in Philadelphia.

1. Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

A place where the Declaration of Independence and the USA Constitution were signed welcomes tourists. Few steps along the Chestnut Street will lead you to the iconic symbol of American independence, Liberty Bell, which was delivered to Philadelphia from London in 1752. Go there during off –rush hours.

2. Love Park

It is a lovely plaza, located in the center of Philadelphia. A park is great to visit in both summer and wintertime. Verdure, fountain, and marvelous scenery attract tourists and citizens of the city in summer, while Christmas market with street vendors add joy to the winter holidays. By the way, fountain water changes it color all the year to commemorate important events and may be pink, blue, red, purple, and blue.

3. Comcast Center

This skyscraper is the tallest building in Philly and the nineteenth tallest building in the USA. Its’ huge (2,000 square foot) video wall translates vivid images and a clock during 18 hours a day. Nevertheless, it is not the only attraction for tourists. The second is Humanity in Motion – ten size man figures, which walk in the poles of glass atrium in the winter garden of the building. After the shows, you would be pleased to get a famous cheesesteak and many other yummy things in the Market of the Comcast Center.

4. Race Street Pier

The street has its nickname since the 1800s when it was used for horse racing. In the 1850s, it became its official name. This place is good enough for a pleasant walk, but free yoga classes from the side of the Delaware River make the acquaintance with Race Street Pier full of relaxation, renewed emotions, and new yoga knowledge.

5. Outdoors

Philadelphia is not chary of free outdoors. Thanks to them, you will feel the spirit of the city and get closer to its inhabitants.
• The Schuylkill Banks is romantic and the coziest place to spend an evening. The big screen shows the movies and hundreds of people enjoy them under the blue or starry sky.
• The Delaware Waterfront often warms the heart of Philadelphia visitors with free seasonal concerts and events.
• Organize a bike ride down the Kelly Drive to feast your eyes on historical Boathouse Row site. You will be impressed with the views!
Hospitable Philadelphia suggests you an abundance of entertainments if you are willing to waste some money, but as you can see, even with empty pockets, you can spend a lovely day here.

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