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Getting Your First Freelance Writing Job (As a Beginner)

Getting Your First Freelance Writing Job

In the beginning of any career, including freelance writing, you have to do a lot of work and get little money. That’s a rule. But as you develop, you can make it vice versa – get much money for little work. Let’s see how you can start your career as a freelance writer!

Make a Plan

If you have a plan, you can avoid going through your career blindly. You will know your next goal and take steps to attain it little by little. Make your plan as concrete as possible and then start working on realizing it. Don’t be sad if in the beginning your portfolio has little to no stuff. If you’re dedicated enough, you will add more and more things into it.

Know when You should and when You shouldn’t Write for Free

You may agree to write for free only in the following cases:

  • If the person/company is very popular and you can use this experience in your resume later;
  • If the person/company is your favorite and you want to work with him/her/it in any case;
  • If the person/company has a large audience and you’ll be able to access them or get credit in return.

You should work for no money only if you know exactly that it will give you a long-term result or add to your credibility. Never agree to work for free for a company that promises to “pay you in experience.” Know the value to yourself, your time and your skills.

Read Copywriting Books and Take Copywriting Courses

To be good at a certain subject, you have to study it. Read all the information you can find about copywriting. Study all the useful tips. Learn from the experts in copywriting. See how you can use their advice in your work. In the meantime, find your own style and mix it with all the useful information you find. Never stop the learning process. Even if you think that you know everything you need, there is still something else you haven’t discovered yet. Always seek to find this something, apply it to your work and improve your knowledge.

Start Writing Anything

Practice makes perfect. This saying can be referred to absolutely any skill, from dancing and singing to cooking and playing a musical instrument. Of course, it also refers to writing. If you don’t write anything, where will you get the skill and the experience? So, don’t limit yourself with the theoretical knowledge. Apply it in practice. At first, you are likely to suck in that, but you will improve yourself and develop your skills. And with time, continuous practice will help you become an awesome writer!

Do not hesitate to use these recommendations. If writing is your thing, you’ll certainly get better at it, enjoy doing it and receive quite a decent income for that!

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