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How to Attract Success with What You Wear?

Dress For Success

Many of us doubt that clothes are a decisive factor in how other people perceive them. We also tend to view clothes as a trivial thing, and thus, do not pay special attention to what we wear and how we look. Still, with all these heated discussions in mind, I reckon that clothes play a key role in your life. I would rather say not “clothes” but your image and the general impression, which you create with your looks. I do not say that clothes should be really chic and expensive. No. All you need is to be neat and tidy.

According to some research, clothes influence the way people behave. In particular, those people who wear formal or semi-formal clothes consider themselves more determined and confident. Such qualities are especially helpful during a job interview, a test or a public speech.
At the same time, while choosing a perfect outfit and style of dressing, make sure it will not be only good-looking but also comfortable. Surely, it is important to be noticeable and attract attention, but it is the general image that matters, not your awkward walk in stilettos or too tight skirt.

Useful tips on how to have a million-dollar look:

1. In your way of dressing, combine both style and comfort.

2. Avoid heavy and bright jewelry. It attracts more attention than you do. Do you want your interviewer to focus on your skills and qualities or on a heavy bracelet or earrings that you are wearing?

3. Do not risk wearing brand-new shoes that will cause blisters right before an important meeting or an interview.

4. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished (or brushed). Such details can be easily noticed. Besides, if you have dirty shoes, it will surely create a bad impression.

5. Your clothes should be well ironed. Wrinkles on clothes are not your best friends either, especially during job interviews or public speeches.

6. Dress in layers if the weather is unpredictable. Wear a top and a sweater, a blouse and a jacket or a dress and a jacket. In such a way, it will be easier for you to adapt to fast-changing weather conditions. You will avoid being too cold or warm.

7. Who told you that jeans are inappropriate to be worn at work? Of course, if you are working as a lawyer or an attorney, then it is surely not the best option, but generally, you can combine a nice pair of jeans (of course, not torn ones) with some blouse or a nice jacket.

Well, you see that you have probably underestimated the power of looks and the choice of clothes in particular. Right clothes can always come in handy and become a decisive factor whether you will be hired for a job or not. Therefore, whenever you have some important meeting or you are planning to deliver a public speech, always spend some time and carefully plan your outfit.

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