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How to be a Successful Freelance Writer: 12 Tips

Freelance Writing Jobs

So, you have made up your mind to earn money by writing. However, a road to success can be full of mistakes. What if we know how to make everything easier?

There is no need to waste time on the things that won’t be effective; the only thing you have to do is to have a look at the following 12 solutions to the problem of finding well-paid jobs for a freelance writer.

1. Use cold pitching to get recurring jobs

Do a research online and locate companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and bloggers interested in growing their online presence.

  • Contact them directly
  • Introduce yourself
  • Make them believe you are a valuable asset!

2. Bet on reliable job ads

Find good jobs and build up your reputation via the job ad boards. Start with free job boards, and once you see how they work, go to Guru and Upwork freelance marketplaces.

3. Build relations with clients by following tweets

Use all the opportunities of the social media, like Tweeter.

4. Involve your relatives, friends, and acquaintances

Try asking everybody you know if they need any editing, proofreading or writing services. Make sure you have business cards to distribute in your surrounding and beyond. Create a network of people who might be helpful!

5. Develop a professional website or blog

Attract the most promising clients with a well-developed website or at least a blog. Your time investment in a WordPress site with good hosting will turn your hobby into a successful business.

6. Guest post on popular sites

Yes, you will do that without any earnings just to let thousands of clients see how you write. This will be a great portfolio.

7. Interact with freelance writers

It is not about competition. Networking with more experienced writers can bring you a lot of benefits. Who knows, maybe it will be a win-win: one day you will be introduced to a good client, and then you will share your jobs with the younger colleagues.

8. Maximize your chances with warm pitching

Work in a slow indirect mode to build relations. Like Facebook pages of potential clients, follow them on Instagram, engage in the posts, and tweet out.

9. Advertise yourself and visit the web design companies

Tell everybody and everywhere that they can hire you! The sign For Hire will open many doors for you. Make your presence in the market visible! Look for permanent jobs in the spheres of web design and printing!

10. Write stories for selling

It is a good option for writers to submit a story to AllIndieWriters, National Geographic or other magazines and websites to get paid a dollar per word.

11. Use the potential of Facebook groups, Reddit and LinkedIn Jobs

You will be amazed at the number of writing jobs you can find there. Join conversations and build useful relationships!

12. Wow the customers! Help them and make money

If your clients make more money, you will get richer as well. Make the content excellent and get more projects.

Follow my advice and take action! Get well-paid freelance writing jobs now!

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