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How to Become Better at Writing

Become Better at Writing

Everyone wants to be a good writer. Even if it’s not your day to day occupation, writing is one of those activities each of us has to deal with. First of all, writing is a skill and like any other gained skills, it gets polished through practice. Here are some tips on how to practice more and improve your writing.

Use Prompts

After you’ve decided to hone your writing skills through practice, you might start wondering what exactly to write. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time on writing an extensive research paper because it’s both boring and time-consuming. Start with small and fun writing prompts you can find online. You’ll discover all different types of writing assignments, from creative writing to academic, unlimited ones and prompts that require you to meet certain conditions. That’s the place where your writing skills should be developed.


Getting started might become a problem when you’re lacking in motivation. If you’ve decided to improve your writing skills and write more, see it as a challenge. No one wants to be a failure so viewing writing practice as a test will boost your motivation. Prove yourself that you’re not intimidated by any writing assignments and there is nothing that you can’t conquer. This approach will guarantee productive work.

Organize Your Time

Getting the most out of your writing sessions is possible if you stick to a routine and write consistently. It means that every day you need to have some time you can dedicate only to this activity. No distractions, no postponing, just writing. When you analyze your day, you’ll find that there is a lot of time you waste. Take advantage of it by making it your ‘writing time’.

Do It in a Group

If the prompts you find online are not motivating enough, you can offer your friends to join you in an endeavor of developing your writing skills together. Come up with prompts for each other, set deadlines and requirements and act as editors for each other’s works. The main reason why it’s better doing in a group because knowing that someone will read your writing you’ll make a greater effort. In addition, being an editor for someone else puts you in your professors’ shoes and you’ll get a better understanding what it’s like to judge someone’s writing.

Get Feedback

Whether you’re working in a group or alone, make sure you have a third party reading your assignments. Writing by itself will develop your skills only partially because at the same time you need to have a critical eye and be able to judge your writing. Eventually you’ll develop this ability, but at first, you need someone else’s opinion about your writing.

Finally, try to make writing fun. Nothing is more devastating to your motivation than being bored with what you do. Choose interesting prompts, listen to good music while writing, take it less seriously and writing will become a fun thing to do.

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