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How to Master Expository Essay Writing

Expository Essay

The main peculiarity of this essay type is that it is aimed at interpreting a certain subject by drawing a complete and clear picture of different people’s perceptions of this situation or problem. An expository essay is usually written in the form of a report. The primary idea of this essay type is to introduce the problem or issue to the audience. In addition, an expository essay is a coalition of opinions and facts that are devoid of the author’s criticism but include a thorough analysis of the given information.

Creating Outline for an Expository Essay

There are three golden rules that should be followed strictly in order to create an excellent expository essay:

1. If the author uses facts from different sources, he/she should indicate them in the essay. Also, the main idea of the statements should be the same as they are in the original sources. Thus, the author should avoid “meaning deformations” and emphasize the key points of the original articles.

2. An expository essay should be objective. Thus, the author should review the topic under discussion from different angles and present views from various sources.

3. The concluding paragraph should not include new information or be surprising to the audience. The data provided in the conclusion should be traced throughout the paper. In order to create an effective conclusion, the author has to summarize the main points presented in the analysis part of the essay. In addition, the conclusion must be logical and easy to understand.

Structure of an Expository Essay

The proper structure of an expository essay guarantees the effectiveness of writing. Follow these tips to make a perfect essay structure:

1. If the essay topic is too broad, narrow it down.

2. The main essence of the paper must be presented in the thesis statement.

3. The essay body should introduce different opinions on the topic.

4. The summary of the main points should be given in the essay conclusion.

Format of an Expository Essay

There are key specifications that must be considered when creating an expository essay format:

1. The introduction should be creative to catch the attention of the audience. In addition, the introduction must end with a thesis statement that states the key point of the essay.

2. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that highlights the main idea of the paragraph. Other statements that follow the topic sentence must explain the issue presented in the topic sentence. Such a layout makes it easy to track a logical flow of thoughts.

3. The conclusion should paraphrase the thesis statement and topic sentences. Also, the ending must be catchy, so that the readers have a positive impression of the piece of writing.

Examples of an Expository Essay

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Topics of an Expository Essay

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