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How to Write a Sociology Research Paper

Write a Sociology Research Paper

Each scientific paper has its own structure and aim. A Sociology research paper seeks to examine, observe and explain social processes. Sometimes it is hard to write such an article. Thus, we would like to offer you one of the possible schemes, which you may use to write your sociology research paper quickly.

Imagine that your topic is “social inequality.” Start your paper with the introduction. Find and analyze information connected to this theme. Make up some graphics and statistics to show your reader that it does matter, and it requires our attention. For instance, you may write that a huge percent of the population is suffering from cruelty and derision every day. Discrimination is all over around us: on TV, on the Internet, in newspapers, etc.

The next steps are to define your statement problem and work out the hypothesis. Find the problem, which you want to solve and suggest the results you are expecting to achieve. For instance, you may try to explain how the popularity of “identity” increases social inequality in America. Moreover, you may make a prediction that you think that your research will prove. For instance, there are various types of social inequality caused by identity, different points of views on the correlation between inequality and equality.

One of the most responsible parts is the choice of proper scientific methods. In your paper, you may use different methods, which basically depend on your goals. For this topic, it will be useful to apply the method of conceptual analysis.

The next step is to acquaint readers with your findings. They must be logical and well-reasoned. They should answer all questions, which you put in the beginning of your paper. For instance, the research shows that equality is the balance of inequalities because each of us is unique and has his / her own identity that causes inequalities in our society.

Usually, scientists also write about controversial issues of the studied problems. You should not be afraid to show a doubt and say aloud about the necessity to examine this theme or topic again and again. For instance, how equality could be applied in our life, etc.

The last part, which is the conclusion, should sum up your main ideas and make the final presentation of them.

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