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Impress Admission Officers with Your College Essay

Top Ten Tips for Writing a College Essay

Students know that admission essay writing is one of the most important skills that determine whether the application is successful or not. If you want to enhance your college writing abilities, consider the tips provided below.

Essay writing tips for college students:

Start writing early

Make sure you have enough time to complete the assignment. Avoid being in a hurry when composing the essay. The admission committee will definitely reveal that you have not spent enough time on writing an effective essay.

Be yourself and be honest

Always try to present your own ideas when composing an essay. You should not think that the admission committee wants you to outline the ideas that are important for them to find in your piece of writing. On the other hand, the aim of each assignment is to convey student’s ideas about a certain issue. Moreover, do not risk your reputation and never plagiarize. Plagiarism includes using someone else’s idea without giving a proper reference.

Keep in focus and be unique

When writing, always stay focused on the topic of your paper. You may also compose an outline beforehand and use it when answering essay questions. Also, keep readers interested by avoiding common answers. Be creative and make your essay stand out of the rest.

Write and rewrite

Do not expect your essay to become perfect from the first try. It may sound demoralizing, but allow yourself some time to master your skills. Everything comes with experience, so be ready to rewrite the same piece of writing several times until you complete its best variant. Remember that you should have a strong thesis statement and avoid vague words and phrases.

Ask for a feedback

Even though you may think that your piece of writing is close to perfection, other people’s feedbacks may help you to correct your mistakes. A fresh view on your essay will also give you a hint on how to improve your essay, add or avoid some ideas.


Many students prefer avoiding this stage aiming to finish the assignment early. This is wrong, since proofreading is one of the most important parts of the writing process. Have a look at your paper again and search for some grammatical and spelling errors you might not have noticed in the beginning.

Don’t rely on your admission essay only

Even though your essay is strong, it may not be enough for your application to be successful. So, do not count on admission essay only. The other parts of your application should be complete thoroughly as well.

Admission essay writing is an important skill that every future student should possess. Use the tips to improve your college writing and you will certainly impress the admission officers.


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