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Informal Essay about Friendship

Informal Essay

One could think, “What can be easier than writing an essay about friendship?” However, even though it’s easier than writing on some formal topics, it also has its own nuances. See what they are and develop an outstanding essay!

First of all, you have to define what friendship is. It can be defined as a special relationship between two or more people based on a certain degree of intimacy and the feelings of care for each other. Friendship is an important part of a person’s life, because all people are social beings. Interaction with friends (either face-to-face contacts, by phone or online) takes a significant part of a person’s everyday life.

Due to the role friendship plays in our lives, you can take a look at this concept from different perspectives. For example, how do you define a true friendship? It can be demonstrated through:

  • Mutual care and understanding
  • Shared activities
  • Acts of intimacy
  • Appreciation
  • Mutual support
  • Investing a certain amount of time, energy, and resources in the relationship
  • Making each other’s lives better
  • Recognizing each other’s social worth and importance

Friendships are often developed based on what people can offer each other. In some cases, it can be their mutual issue or concern. Communication with the aim to solve this issue often helps create a firm bond. Other factors that can help form a friendship are:

  • Social factors: they help establish the value of friendship. For example, friendship is considered to be valuable in case one person in the relationship impacts another one to do good and be kind to others.
  • Morality: having similar principles of morality helps form a friendship of significant value.
  • Having a common cause: fighting for this cause often leads to finding close friends.
  • Experiencing hard times: sometimes a new close friend can be found during difficult times. It can even be a person one knew but didn’t consider a friend. After all, no one really knows who their true friend is until the times of trouble come. Only those who stay with you to support you are your true friends.

Some writing tips for developing an informal essay:

Some of the rules of essay writing can be skipped when you’re creating an informal essay because it has mostly entertainment purposes. Therefore, you don’t have to write an inclusive introductory paragraph and end it with a comprehensive thesis statement. You can begin writing your essay with a short definition of the notion of friendship and then describe various aspects of this notion. You should examine the topic from different perspectives to help your readers comprehend the concept of friendship on a more profound level and open up new facets of its understanding.

Work diligently on your essay and don’t forget to include your opinion on the topic. In this case, you will create a great essay. Good luck!

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