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Learn to Learn: Top 5 Techniques

Group of teenage students writing in their notebooks.

Though it may seem unbelievable, there are people in this world who think that studying is easy and fun. And while some are geniuses, most have simply developed effective strategies to reliably memorize and understand information presented to them. You can do it too! Of course, learning to learn will take a lot of effort at first, but it is well worth the result.

# 1: Be prepared

No one can learn effectively if they are exhausted and hungry. Get plenty of sleep, even if you have an important test coming up. Your performance can actually suffer from all-nighters, and they would not be necessary in the first place if you’ve studied regularly. Also, try to put all of your devices away before starting to work. We all know how ‘just checking my texts’ can turn into an hour long networking session. If you need your phone to study, there are apps that can block your social media for a certain period of time so they will not distract you.

# 2: Create a space suitable for studying

If a formal atmosphere is something that stimulates you, go to the library or a study hall. If, on the contrary, you like comfy places, then go ahead and lie in bed in your sweatpants. Just don’t fall asleep. Some people are easily distracted by random sounds. In this case you can put on some instrumental music or listen to ambient noise like rain or jungle. There are a plenty of YouTube videos like that.

# 3: Try the SQ3R strategy

This is a technique connected to the so called active reading approach. It allows you to comprehend large amounts of material, such as articles or textbook chapters. First, you Survey the information by giving it a quick read through. Then, you pose questions to all significant structural part. Afterwards, all you’ll need to do is read, recite, and review. This strategy works by creating something akin to a dialog between the student and the information.

# 4: The THIEVES pre-reading plan

THIEVES stands for the order in which it is most advantageous to prepare yourself to reading and learning. It may seem time consuming, but this approach actually cut down the time necessary to read a piece of non-fiction. The acronym stands for title, headings, introduction, every first sentence, visuals, end-of-chapter questions, and summary. After checking all these out in the suggested order, you would only need to glance through the information to see whether you’ve missed anything. Most likely, you didn’t.

# 5: Create study sheets

Write them out by hand or use your computer. Go crazy. Use fonts and highlighters; just don’t forget that the sheets need to be comprehensible. Each subject should only have one, but all the most essential information needs to be on it. Take them with you everywhere and revise when you have free time.

As you see, studying can be really fun. Try something new and enjoy the best years of your life!

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