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Memorandum Examples

Memorandum Examples

Writing a memo is a quick but at the same time demanding task. Official documents are always not easy to compose, especially if you are trying to include a lot of information in a small size. Memo does have a lot of instruction and suggestions about its structure language and style, so it is quite easy to forget some of them. Here you are going to meet a few memo examples, as learning is the most rewarding during practice.

Things to Know about Writing a Memo

First, you have to understand the aim of your memorandum. Define the target audience, so that your style and language were aimed for right people. Think in advance how the subject can be fully conveyed to know what you should include in the content of the memo. In addition, you are recommended to think about any possible disagreements and already give answers for them – being a step forward from your haters is an amazing feeling. Finally, remember the format, be consistent and clear.

Talking about the structure, it must be also distinct and thoroughly organized. Your first paragraph should remind of a purpose of the memo, which you have mentioned in a topic. Next paragraphs have to support the subject and show all the details. Your information presentation should be plain but at the same time professional.

Example One – Office Memo

To: All Employees
From: Head Manager
Date: April 6, 2017
Subject: Waste of time with Google homepage games

Dear Colleagues,

As far as my observations can reach, our office staff does not spend their time efficient enough. It has been noticed that some of you are wasting their working time playing Google Doodle games for a few hours per day.

Judging from the recent research, the estimated waste of money per day with Google games around the world is almost $130 million meaning that instead of useless clicking, some people could make use for the company and start working consciously.

Taking into consideration our company, the daily loss of cash flow is almost $100 that is ridiculous for simply doing nothing.

Kindly remind you that you are here to make money for the company as well as making money for yourself, so in case you are not satisfied with your working conditions, you may always address your leading manager to ask for changes or simply find another working place.
Thank you for attention,
Head Manager.

Example Two – Department Memo

To: Programming Department
From: CEO Assistant
Date: October 22, 2015
Subject: Testing Procedure Specification admission update

The message is aimed to remind you about the change of filling the reports of TPS with new covers. This is due to the new format that also requires the summary of the report. Apart from that, take into consideration that the sheets have to have the new logo of Initech.

You are kindly asked to thoroughly perform the new instruction as forgetting or even conscious avoidance of following the requirement can cause wrong delivery of product to the company’s clients.

Yours faithful,
CEO Assistant.

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