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Polemical Depression Topics for a Research Paper

Polemical Depression Topics

Controversial Topics for Depression Research Paper

If you have to write a research paper for your college or university course and have been given a broad topic ‘Depression’, we may help you and narrow it down. These are the ideas for more specific topics to deal with your assignment. Please, make sure you read our comments to every depression research paper topic, which explains how to cover each case.

  • Define the notion of depression as of a clinical psychiatric condition. Comprise main manifestations, which doctors can observe while examining the patient, such as the lack of emotional response and indecisiveness
  • Remember, that you have to focus more on the scientific approach rather than on the emotional factors. Focus on one age group, as different ages are predisposed to different symptoms.

  • Depression and Gender: analyze and compare statistical data on clinical depression cases concerning male and female patients over certain period of time
  • According to the statistics, women tend to develop a depressive condition more often. Think of the reasons to justify these numbers.

  • Depression Risk Group: critically evaluate which factors can form specific risk groups, rating them from the most probable to least possible
  • Which risk factor is more probable to cause depression? Make sure you cover traumatic childhood experience, family history, and heredity.

  • Cultural Prism in Depression Detection: trace how different cultural group accept the concept of depression
  • Many cultures and ethnical groups have a different perception of depression and other mental conditions.

  • Explore the idea of Animal Depression: advocate the idea of other biological species having depression or its symptoms
  • Conforming to results of many research projects, some species demonstrate the symptoms of depression due to the external influence of internal reasons.

  • Depression and Comorbidity: enumerate at least 5 conditions that often coexist with clinical depression. Use statistical data to support your list
  • A lot of physicians and psychiatrists claim that patients, who suffer from clinical depression, can also indicate the tendencies for anxiety, bipolar syndrome and sometimes eating disorders.

  • Parental Depression: post-natal depression syndrome. Criticize the idea of male partners having post-natal depression
  • Recent studies claim that male partners may experience post-natal depression as well. Draw your focus towards biological and psychological matter to contemplate on this matter.

  • Investigate the chances of peer pressure being a primary cause of depression among college students
  • Peer pressure is said to be one of the primary causes of depression among college students. Power every reason that can add up to college students developing this mental condition.

    While writing your research paper on depression, don’t forget that the diagnosis of depression is a complex and complicated process and in most cases, doctors have to take patients words on
    symptoms. So ensure considering this while writing your paper, so you will make it as unambiguous as possible.

    If you haven’t found enough material, make sure you contact our support team, so that we can find an appropriate writer to prepare your depression research paper.

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