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Roll vs. Fold: Find a Solution for Efficient Packing

Packing Tips

Every person has his or her own style of packing. Which one is about you – rolling or folding? Whatever style you have, there is probably always a huge problem when you pack – too many items and too little space. Follow me and I will share some secrets of serene and efficient packing with you 😉

It is important not only to take all the necessary and nice things with you (well, of course, more than half of them you will neither need nor actually wear but they just must travel there with you) but also to get clothes out of the suitcase in proper condition. Wrinkled clothes can spoil your mood or even the whole day if you need to wear something from the packed stuff with no opportunity to iron it first (I had such crazy timings and felt really uncomfortable!).

One of the major dilemmas concerns the choice – either folding or rolling. Well, check the thorough comparison of both of them justified by numerous travels and lots of suitcases packed/unpacked.   


Folding is good since it guarantees particular order in the suitcase and you can arrange its space. Moreover, if you dedicate enough time to proper folding, there will not be so many wrinkles on your cloths afterwards. Hint: put socks and tights in your shoes. It will give you some space, and we know that every inch is precious while packing =)


You start rolling the items that are the longest and then proceed with other things that are not so spacious in order to spare every inch and find what you need when you arrive. Be logical here – roll tight and put in even tighter – you want the suitcase to close in the end, don’t you?

Personal conclusion

Well, there is no such a stark difference I have been expecting. Nonetheless, with a thorough comparison, I have figured out that rolling provides just a bit more space in the suitcase. It is not a defining area where you can put a pair of pumps, but still several small items can be added to your luggage if you do smart rolling. Another significant advantage of rolling experience was logical organization – it was easier to find the necessary items, they were detectable more easily, and it saved my time when I was in a hurry for a meeting. Folding means evidence of different sizes and complications when looking for a particular skirt in the whole pile of them. You can’t dig into the suitcase and leave it almost pristine once you have found the necessary item. When you fold, be ready to make reorganization of the whole suitcase if you need something from the bottom and have no sufficient space for unpacking.

One more hint: remember that we usually come back with souvenirs, so make sure there will be some extra space for them when you will be heading back home!

I wish you efficient packing, pleasant traveling, and awesome impressions! Take care!

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