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Some Tips on How to Dress Better

Some Tips on How to Dress Better

If the title attracts your interest, you worry about your wardrobe. Don’t you like it? Does it discomfort you? Do you find yourself stuck in front of your closet hesitating of what to wear almost every day? Do you need new clothes, but are uncertain what to buy? Okay, breathe out and read the following tips on how to learn to dress better.

Perform a Wardrobe Audit

Being an adult requires different clothes for at least 3 situations – work or studying, social outings, and, of course, comfortable home clothes. Some of these things may be for multiple purposes. Being well-dressed is about being ready for all those situations. That’s why you have to do a review of your wardrobe. Firstly, think whether you can dress for all the occasions from the following list.

  • Classes
  • Job interviews
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Restaurant outings
  • Parties (birthday, graduation, anniversary, etc.)

Learn the Basics for Specific Situations

There are two basic rules that apply to every situation.

  • Buy things that fit.
  • Wear clothes that you are always comfortable with. Just enjoy your look.

Furthermore, the following basics are about specific events.

  • Start searching for an appropriate look. The advice is always useful here.
  • Carry your skills and tricks for one outfit over the other ones.
  • Do not waste your money for every new possible event. Buy clothes only for the day you definitely go this week.

Find Somebody to Provide You with the Feedback

Okay, Google won’t say you whether you look good. Everybody is unique and there are a lot of factors that influence our look, they can make somebody look brilliant and another person ugly, and vice versa. If you are not sure about whether clothes fit you, ask somebody for a piece of advice.

There is no problem if you cannot find someone to help you. Today, there are different resources and apps on the Internet to do that. You post a picture there, ask for feedback, and get it. Done! Other sites are created for sharing different outfits and getting opinions and inspiration.

Start Reading Fashion Sites

It’s about the nuances of your wardrobe. Want to know all the style changes? Want to know what is in fashion every week, month, or season? Want to keep up with those current trends? Check the recourses with the content of different styles. Decide, which one relates to your own most of all. Do not dive into the first article or publication you have found on the Internet. Also, do not grab the first copy of some brand and buy it. The wardrobe is a reflection of a personal style.

And finally, remember the basic rules of the clothing etiquette. Dress according to the activities in your life, and the image you want to project. Be ultra-selective with your shopping. Buy less. Do not think about anyone but yourself. Look sharp, be sharp. And remember, the clothes you wear change what people hear you say.

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