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The Art of Writing a Paper

An Art of Writing a Paper

Writing a really good paper is not a piece of cake. Like a skilled chef or painter, you have to assemble lots of different details into one masterpiece, which would be easy, interesting, and informative to read. It takes a couple of drafts to finally figure out a perfect proportion of every aspect of writing, so we have prepared this short guide to assist you in this hard, but at the same time interesting work.

1.Timing. When a student is given a certain amount of time for the task, his/her first intention is to write everything a few hours before the deadline. However, if you spend all the given time on making a plan, thinking of a proper form, and determining a central point of your paper, you will be impressed by the final outcome.

2.The central point. Most likely, your task has a question given to you by your professor. Your aim should be to provide a full and concise answer to this question in your paper. Make sure you never wander off topic too much and carefully set all the analyzed aspects in the correct order.

3.Be simpler. Even though you are going to hand in the paper to your professor, you need to address it to a hypothetical person who doesn’t know answers to the issues described in your paper beforehand. By doing so, you will expand your work by studying its problems more thoroughly.

4.Use your professor’s knowledge. Ask your professor some questions; you may even start an active discussion. And then – note down everything he/she says. If he/she is at least a little bit passionate about the topic you have, he will, intentionally or not, give up some juicy and useful ideas. At the same time, he will feel appreciated and you will seem active and seeking for extra knowledge.

5.Finish with a strong point. Always summarize your paper. Remember that question raised by your professor that you were trying to answer all along? Answer it in a short, simple, and straightforward way. You may show that you are open to argumentation or evidence contrary to your opinion, but you always must have this “opinion.”

b)As you can see, with a little extra work, writing a paper may be a piece of cake. If you have enough time, a plan, and a central point, and if you have already discussed the ideas with your professor and figured out your opinion on the matter, all you need to do is sit and put your ideas on a piece of paper.

c)Of course, these are all general tips, but if you have carefully read them and learned their main points, you will surely succeed in paper writing.

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