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The Best Study Tips For College

The Best Study Tips For College

When you only go to college, it might seem to be so much harder than high school. In fact, even some of the study tools you used when you were in high school might stop working. For example, if in high school it was enough for you to skim through your notes a couple of hours before a test, in college this won’t help. To avoid being overwhelmed with college, use our tips and adopt new study tools!

Best Ways to Ace in College

  • Be Organized. Write down absolutely everything you can and keep your notes well-organized. Use a whiteboard to arrange your to-do lists and set priorities. Also, keep your study desk clean. All those food wrappers and loose papers will only distract your attention from studying.
  • Find a Like-Minded Friend. It’s good to communicate with those who have similar goals. But if none of your friends wants to ace in college, you don’t have to break up with him/her. Just find a person whom you can study with.
  • Hand-Write Your Notes. In some cases, using a laptop for writing notes is more convenient. But when you study something difficult or something you cannot understand, it’s better to write notes by hand.
  • Use Flashcards. It’s a great way to study as you learn information first while making them and then by actually using them. Always try keeping your flashcards organized and neat.
  • Study Every Day. Yes, that’s a hard thing to do. But you should do this to retain all information. Use your free days to review your notes. Arrive to class 10 minutes earlier to skim through the topics of the previous week. Elaborate a study schedule that will work for you.
  • Come up with Rewards. You need to use something to keep yourself motivated. The reward can be as simple as a chocolate bar for getting through the stack of flashcards or a movie night for studying without any additional materials. If you work to reach an immediate goal, you should have lots of drive than if you think about graduating and finding the job of your.
  • Determine Objectives. Complete a list of your short- and long-term goals. Look at it to remind yourself of why you’re doing this. It’ll be especially helpful when you’re discouraged.
  • Use Your Syllabus. Most students only look into their syllabus in the first week of the semester. Don’t repeat this mistake. Use your syllabus for your benefit. It gives you all necessary information (dates, exams, readings, etc). One of the things you should do is to put all crucial dates from it into your planner. Thus, you will certainly remember about them.
  • Take Rest. Reading these tips, you might think that I only want you to study and have no free time. No, I don’t want that. You also need to find time to rest. Otherwise, you’ll just lose your mind.

May you reach the academic success using these tips!

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