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The Essentials of Better Business Writing

Keys to Better Business Writing

If you are willing to refine your business writing skills, a book entitled HBR Guide to Better Business Writing instructs you how to apply sophisticated language and eliminate the jargon. Its author Bryan A. Garner gives you invaluable pieces of advice that will contribute to the expressive and persuasive business writing skills. Although the book comprises 200 pages, we can distinguish the following fundamental points.

State Clearly the Objective

You have to be aware of the audience to which you appeal and the aims you are going to reach. Furthermore, it would bring about beneficial outcomes, if you express your goals using convincing arguments. You have to select such phrases that would be assistive in explaining the objective of your writing and maintaining good relations in case of reporting bad news.

Be Comprehensible

Appreciate time of other individuals and try to concentrate on the points that matter. Keep in mind that people may not be experienced in your field of writing. Therefore, you should use the appropriate language and tone.

Write a Draft

Garner maintains that writing preparation can be split into four processes, such as Madman, Architect, Carpenter, and Judge. While the Madman is responsible for the research, the Architect deals with the organization of the material. The Carpenter prepares a draft, and the Judge has to edit and conclude the writing. Therefore, once you have started to write, draw up the first draft. Even if you are puzzled with particular sections, skip them and return to the skipped part after you have finished the whole paper.


During the examination of your paper, ask yourself some questions related to the accuracy of the writing, its fairness and diplomacy, and reasonable arguments. Ensure to avoid repetitions and inconsistencies.

Be Concise

The next step of improvement your business writing skills is the use of particular details. You should sound fair and sensible.For instance, it is not sufficient to make sweeping generalizations that your boss is incompetent. You are supposed to give clear evidence of his dishonest actions.

Use Words Sensibly

Avoid wordiness and turgid structures. Try to use fewer prepositions, particularly the preposition “of”. Replace nouns with the endings “ion” with verbs and eliminate fillers.

Be Direct

Never beat around the bush and be straightforward. It is of the utmost importance to state your opinion and use general words that would be understandable for everyone. Such insincere expressions as “think outside the box” or “mission-critical” make no impression on people.

Use the Appropriate Tone

You do not have to sound too familiar. Consequently, avoid using contractions and courtesies, including “we appreciate” or “thank you”. Moreover, the used sentences should be various concerning their structure and length.

If you take into consideration these tips, your business writings will be more reasonable and convincing.

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