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Top 10 Radio Stations of 2016

The Best Music Streaming

Whether you are looking for new popular songs or old tracks that you associate with some pleasant memories, online radio stations will always offer music that matches your tastes. There is music streaming that can be accessed online. However, not all of it is user-friendly. Here we have created a list of top 10 online radio stations, which are convenient to use and are aimed to satisfy your needs.

This website is a social platform, which allows users to like, hate or share music through the website. Pay only 3 USD fee per month and you’ll be able to enjoy the unique features of

2.Google Play Music

After paying the 10 USD fee per month, you are permitted to upload as many as 20,000 songs and access them at any time. You will also get unlimited skipping that allows users to discover new songs.


The website is often called the best modern freemium music service. However, it is still limited to South America, parts of Europe, Canada, and the USA. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the station is a huge external hard drive that allows storing a massive amount of music.


With only 25 USD fee per 6 month, you will be able to discover wonderful music using recommendations of your friends.

If you want to join a group of music fans that share the same music taste, subscribe to Using the service, you will be able to share music and join discussions about your favorite artists.


Many users prefer the website, since it studies their music habits and recommends similar tracks to listen. On the other hand, many music fans avoid the website categorizing it as a low-level recommendation engine.


If you want to design the playlist yourself, use Grooveshark. Become a DJ for your friends by sharing your mixes via the platform.

8.Acoustic Alternative

Although the station does not have a big crowd of fans, its supporters are definitely most loyal. If you also prefer alternative music, do not miss a chance to visit Acoustic Alternative.

9.Pirate Radio Network

Via the radio station, you can listen to music using two convenient methods: a downloadable player or a web tuner. If you are an amateur DJ and want to try your skills, Pirate Radio Network will allow you to make your own online streaming.

10.SHOUTcast by Nullsoft

The service is perfect for those who have specific music taste of rare songs. If you cannot find a song, visit SHOUTcast.

If you also belong to those people that cannot live without good music, join one of the best websites and you will certainly find your place in it.

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