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Top 7 Challenging Positions in Sports

Difficult Positions in Sports

You have probably heard many heated discussions about the most challenging positions in sports. Personally, I had debated about it so many times that I decided to create my own top 7 difficult positions to play in sports. The list takes into account both technical and physical difficulties.

1. Keeper

This position is No. 1 in my list because I consider it to be the most difficult task to defend an 8×24 ft net. The keeper may be tall; however, it is still challenging to cover at last half of the goal’s width. In addition, the speed of the ball often reaches 70 mph. Furthermore, the responsibilities of a keeper are probably the most important in a team, because overall score depends on his performance.

2. Goalie

This position is the most challenging in hockey. Are you ready to catch a 100 mph slap-shot? Even though the padding protects goalie from serious injuries, it is very painful when a NHL slapper square hits the goalie’s chest. I think people, who become goalies, are insane!

3. Catcher

This position is probably the most physically demanding. It is not easy for a person to squat for hours, wear heavy equipment in heat and run at least 15 times per game. If you are not persuaded that being a catcher is difficult, remember that they have to train every day before championships.

4. Quarterback

Without a doubt, it is very stressful to stand in a small space knowing that 300 pound lineman may hit you at any second. Moreover, quarterback’s arms are in terrible pain after throwing a ball 30 times per game.

5. Pitcher

Pitcher’s arms suffer from incredible physical strain after throwing a ball at 90 mph. The fastest human movement is when a shoulder turns around at 7000 degrees per second. Surprisingly, pitchers defy the laws of physics by rotating the shoulder forward around 100 times per game. Moreover, throwing breaking pitches adds stress to the challenging responsibilities of a pitcher.

6. Center

This position in football demands a player to be very attentive to the actions of every defensive lineman. In addition, it is necessary to recognize blitz schemes. Furthermore, the player has to block other players at incredible speed after getting the ball back to the QB.

7. Midfielder

Soccer is one of the most enduring games itself. However, midfielder has to run without stopping for all 90 minutes of the match. The most skillful midfielders run up to 8000 meters per game. In addition, they are expected to help in defense at any time.
Doing sports is never easy, especially when you play it professionally. Even though each sport game has its own challenges, every person interprets them differently. Pay attention to the most difficult positions in sports that are listed in my article before taking part in a sport game.

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