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What to Avoid While Being a Freshman

Things to Avoid while being a Freshman

First year in college is challenging. Therefore, if you don’t want to complicate the situation, you have to be aware of the potential pitfalls every freshman faces. Here are some things you should avoid.

Ignore your parents

Your parents always worry about you. It takes at least one call a week to set their mind at rest. Moreover, if you get along with your folks, they will definitely help you out in terms of financial matters or school issues.

Get into a relationship straight away

It takes some time to get accustomed to new surroundings. Don’t stir everything up by committing to somebody. Besides, if you get involved in a relationship right away, you may end up missing out on many things, including college friends.

Buy all your stuff at full price

Don’t rush into unnecessary expenses, take advantage of student discounts. One of the biggest mistakes is splashing out on things in store, when you can spend much less online. For example, offers a bunch of discounts on hundreds of brands.
Think it’ll be easy to receive A’s

It’s really hard to maintain a high GPA when you don’t study regularly. If you’re facing some problems with studying, reach out to the professors, tutors, or counselors.

Violate rules in the common spaces

You’ll have to share some common areas with many other students, so make sure to leave the place clean after yourself. Therefore,
• Clean up the microwave
• Don’t leave a bunch of hair in drains or sinks
• Respect the work of the cleaning staff

Join every single extracurricular

Signing up for various activities is a great way to meet new people. But don’t get carried away, because you will end up getting a flood of emails a day asking you to run errands. Instead, find a few activities you’re genuinely interested in.

Play hooky

Some professors may not keep attendance record, but it doesn’t mean you can skip classes and still scrape through. Try finding some motivation to come to class if you want to make some connections and succeed.

Wear your welcome week shirts

You’re most likely to get a number of T-shirts during your orientation week but don’t wear them around too often. It just stresses that you’re a freshman, which makes upperclassmen avoid you.

Get a fake I.D.

It will cost you a fortune to get a fake I.D., and it’ll be taken away from you anyway. Many places now have this elaborate scan that easily indicates fraud. If you don’t want to have troubles with the law, enjoy your house parties until you’re 21.

Not know how to get around on the first day

If you have some down time, explore the nearby area to figure out how to get to the classes on the first day, so you don’t end up somewhere else. You’ll definitely stand out if you show up for a class 20 minutes late.
Consider these tips and you’ll survive the freshman year with minimum problems and maximum pleasure.

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