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What to Do to Be a Successful Student? 10 Everyday Practices.

10 Habits of Successful Students

Every student wants to become successful in their academic and personal life. Why do some people manage to do that while others don’t? It’s all about little things you do every day. Let’s discuss habits of highly effective people.

1.Self-organization. Setting a goal is not enough. Make a detailed plan of what steps you will make to achieve it, when and how.

2.One at a time. Multitasking will get you nowhere. Focus on one thing and do not stop until it’s finished.

3.Slice it up. Imagine studying is a huge cake. No matter how tasty it is, if you try to eat it at one sitting, you will soon get sick. Instead, “consume” the knowledge slowly, bit by bit. Thus you will both manage and enjoy it.

4.Remember to sleep. You may sacrifice anything for studying, except for sleep. Without it, you won’t be able to focus and your memory will gradually become worse.

5.Develop a personalized schedule. Observe your organism: do you work better in the morning, after some sleep or after lunch? Is your studying more productive when you work 2 h non-stop or with 3 minutes breaks every half an hour? Develop your own studying schedule to boost your productivity.

6.Write it down. Taking notes will not only help you be focused during lectures and memorize the new material, but also concentrate on the main ideas before the exams. Reading the notes is million times easier and faster than reading the whole textbooks.

7.Study. Amazingly, students often forget about it. As a result, they face huge stress cramming before the exams which, in most cases, is not effective. You can avoid it if you study every day, refreshing pieces of new theories and concept in your mind. You can read your notes, make flashcards, etc.

8.Studying space matters. Find a place which is most comfortable for studying. This might be your room, nearby park or a library. It does not matter as long as nothing distracts you.

9.Join a study group. It is much easier to study if you are not alone. Find a group of people who learn the same sruff as you do. Together, you can exchange new ideas, discus confusing parts and track progress. You may also teach each other the things you have learnt, and, as you know, teaching someone is the best way to learn.

10.Be curious and ask questions. Very often students are afraid to ask questions because they do not want to sound stupid. However, people go to a school/ college/ university to learn, so it is normal to be curious and ask questions. And it is also natural not to be able to grasp all new knowledge right away.

As you can see, these 10 habits are not that complicated to acquire. Start today, and tomorrow you will join the list of the most effective students at your university.

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