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What You Should Know About a Successful Job Interview

How to Get Hired

A job interview is the final and the most important stage in the hiring process. It helps an employer to determine whether a candidate is the best fit for his/her company. That is why it is essential to do your best during the job interview, show your talents, qualifications, and personal qualities. The impression you make during the interview is a key factor for the employer to decide whether you will get the job of your dream.

Before the Interview

Congratulations! You have been asked for a job interview. But if you want to make it successful, you have to prepare well.

Research the Company

You may fail in the interview in case you are not aware of the company in which you are seeking employment. Surf the internet to find information about company’s owners, mission, target, markets, competitors, etc.

Know Your Interviewer

Cultural factor also plays a key role in whether your interview will be successful. So, spend time to find information about the person who will be interviewing you and get prepared accordingly.

Create Your Personal Story

For sure, you will be asked to tell more about yourself. So, spend time preparing to answer this question adequately. Focus on your experience, best qualities and skills that will be beneficial for the employer.

During the Interview

Dress appropriately

The way you dress should be suitable for the position you are applying for. Do not wear clothes that are too fancy and bright.

Take Extra Copies of Your Resume

You cannot be sure that your interviewer remembers your resume very well. So, bring a copy of your resume and allow the employer to refresh his/her memory.

Master Your Handshake

You may consider it unimportant, but many candidates get a refuse simply because their handshake is weak. So, spend time mastering your handshake in order to have an impression of a confident person.

Arrive Early and Turn Your Phone off

You should arrive at least 10 minutes before the interview. If you are late, you may miss the opportunity to get employed by this company forever. Turn your phone off before the interview to eliminate the distractions.

Behave Confidently

Your posture tells a lot about your inner feelings. Although you may be slightly worried, make sure your posture is straight and confident. Maintain eye contact, use hand gestures, smile when it is appropriate and nod when you listen to the employer.

After the Interview

Send a Thank You Email

Write a brief and personal thank you email for the time spent on your interview. Send it in the evening the same day when the interview took place.

Contact the Employer if You Do not Hear Back

A week has already passed, but you have not received confirmation of your approval yet? Contact the employer to clarify the situation.

Now you know everything needed to have a great interview. Good luck!

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