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Where Doctor Strange Originate from?

Where Doctor Strange Originate from

I wonder if there are people who haven’t heard about some Marvel character at least once in their life. We have TV-shows, movies, and comic books with Marvel heroes. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor and many others have already become beloved by people all over the world. One of the most popular characters is Doctor Strange. The franchise is based on Marvel comics.

Where Does Doctor Strange Originate from?

As soon as the Doctor Strange movie trailer appeared, the fans were puzzled by a lot of scenes. In this article, we will try to answer most of your questions and explain the origins of this popular franchise.

The story of this character starts in an absolutely regular manner. Initially, he is a young and talented man who dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon. So, Strange’s life story is not so strange, right? Later, in a series of unfortunate events, he loses all his family members. This leads to a conception of an outstanding idea in the mind of the genius – what if he could keep his brother’s body in case he makes a scientific breakthrough and learns how to revive the dead?

Car Accident

After he becomes a distinguished surgeon, Doctor suffers from a serious car accident. His traumas are so severe that he has no chance to perform a surgery ever again. However, this character does not give up so easily. He finds out about some wizard named the Ancient One, so he decides to pay a visit in hope that his injured hands could be healed.

The Ancient One

It is not a magician although possesses magic skills. Rather, it is a very old creature which has been inhabiting the Earth for several hundred years. Now, the Ancient One has to find an apprentice who will take his place. As you might have guessed, Doctor Strange is a potential candidate. Nevertheless, so far, Doctor wants to remain a doctor. He wants his hands to be healed and does not care about the vacancy, which has unexpectedly been offered to him. After a series of inexplicable events, Doctor Strange does agree to become the apprentice.

Immortality vs. Mortality?

This Marvel character is endowed with a lot of peculiar character traits and magical abilities. In addition, he possesses various magical items that enable him to access different spheres of people’s life. One of the strangest characteristics of this hero is his immortality combined with a possibility to be killed like a mortal. Strange, isn’t it?

Similar to other Marvel stories, the story of Doctor Strange has a bad-tempered villain who wants to control or destroy the world. Obviously, Doctor Strange will be the one to save us all. Although this character is very different from everything we have seen from Marvel, the movie will probably meet the expectations of most comic fans.

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