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Why is Racism an Urgent Issue?

Why is Racism an Urgent Issue

Can you imagine what you would feel if safety devices and guards were fitted everywhere? Your usual visit to a supermarket or café would be observed. You will be chased and monitored all the time. Passers-by would avoid you like a leper. What if your contemporaries at school offended and abased you? This wouldn’t stop after high school and college, even employers would pay attention to the color of your skin. The situation bears a striking resemblance to an awful nightmare. Thousands of people face such thorny problems all the time. The only reason for all these unpleasant things is their difference. Society looks down with disdain at them. This critical issue is racism.

Racism is a considerate and disgraceful theme. That is why it is rarely mentioned in the documents or official papers. Nevertheless, it exists and everybody knows about it. Wherever you go, you will notice this burning issue. Sometimes, we think that racism will never touch us, but no one is insured against becoming an easy target of racism. The problem is ubiquitous. No matter to what nation you belong. For example, Europeans find people, who came from Asia or Arabic countries, unreliable and dubious. The same thing happens with white men and women in African countries.

We can easily find the roots of racism. Looking back, human creatures used to be surrounded by other living souls with the same appearance. In the Middle Ages, a new person very rarely came to the new area. Therefore, citizens were afraid of newcomers. However, those times have passed away. Our world is developed and multinational. We can proudly define ourselves as cosmopolitans. We can freely travel and get familiar with other cultures. Immigrants of different races are met in a polite and friendly way in America, Europe, etc. In the view of this fact, we should gain the understanding of the importance of positive attitude to people who share divergent ethnic identities. Only such way of thinking will guarantee the conflict-free and flourishing future. This is our sole purpose. We live on faraway continents, but each of us has own dreams, thoughts, and hopes. We are more similar than we consider.

We do not have to put up with racism. We must fight against it. It is an evil tool that steps on human self-respect and pride. It breeds violence and feud between countries. What is more, it infringes human rights. Those kids, who are mocked in schools, need our protection. The victims of racism suffer a lot, but they do not deserve it. People should channel their efforts in the right direction and reject the racial stereotypes.
Thank you for your attention to this matter!

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