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Writing a Descriptive Essay about Mother

Descriptive Essay about Mother

A descriptive essay is a kind of essay which has to describe the sensory perception of the phenomenon with the help of words only. In such papers, adjectives are very important. However, the author has to avoid using value judgments, such as good, bad, etc. as the reader has to build his own attitude to the described phenomenon.

What Is Difficult about Writing Descriptive Essays?

The major difficulty in this task is choosing the synonymous substitutions evaluative words. You probably understand this if you have ever had to describe an object to someone who has never seen it. For example, you might be assigned to describe the wigwam to the foreigners. Avoiding the judgments, you must not say that it is beautiful in its decoration; your task is of much higher order – to convey its beauty in the description.

Writing describing essays is very useful for students as it helps to learn ways to depict something without feelings and bias. It is necessary when you have to switch your speech from the informal to formal. The skill of speaking without judgments is very useful for people of almost all professions.

What Is Important in Writing Essay about Mom?

If you are assigned to write a paper about your mother, it is very important to:

  • describe her in detail;
  • avoid any feelings and emotions;
  • use figurative-expressive means;
  • keep in mind that you have to describe your mother to someone who has never seen her.

How to Succeed in Writing a Descriptive Essay?

If you are assigned to describe your mother, such a task might be quite challenging. That is why many students are wondering how to write a perfect essay about mom and how to make it fascinating. There are several various ways to capture the reader’s attention. For example, you can start the paper with a suitable quote which is relevant to your essay’s topic, present an interesting fact or ask a rhetorical question. You can also use your sense of humor, but be careful with it.

Make sure to integrate the context into your thesis statement. Explain everything necessary for readers to understand your topic and gradually narrow the information until you achieve the topic itself.

Usually, the essays consist of five paragraphs, but a descriptive essay can be divided into more parts. It has not to be short. Make sure you have an introductory paragraph, a body part that consists of several paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

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