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As it is generally known, chlorella is a unicellular limnetic alga. It contains such antioxidants as carotenoids and vitamin C, which stop free radicals activity. Having been discovered at the end of 19th century, chlorella was characterized by having a high concentration of protein and a rapid growth tempo. In the 1960s, some investigators asserted that Chlorella provided some benefit having an ability to decrease the side effects of chemotherapy and to slow the growth of cancer cells. Most of the investigations have been held in Japan, where chlorella is very popular as a dietary supplement or just simple food.

The public, in general, tend to believe that Chlorella has an ability to prevent cancer cleansing the body of heavy metals and toxins. Some hype Web sites characterize it as an ideal food that can regulate blood sugar, make the immune system stronger, and what is more – can kill cancer cells. According to the article “Chlorella: Superfood for Whole Body Healing and Blood Sugar Balance” (2007), retrieved from one of the hype website, chlorella has a strong nutrition, it also helps to normalize blood sugar and to detoxify people’s organism. In addition to it, chlorella has an ability to control the growth of candida and to prevent the growth of cancer cells. It also makes people’s immune system stronger and stimulates red blood cells production. However, existent scientific obviousness does not agree with these claims. So, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have tried to stop the spreading of such kind of information, warning the owners of such Web sites to stop claiming about chlorella's superiority. The article “Chlorella” (2011), retrieved from one of the scientific websites, affirms, that some scientific evidence does not agree with the available claims that chlorella is effective against cancer or other diseases. They are more likely to assert that chlorella’s nutrients can help those people who suffer from a lack of vitamins and minerals. For instance, it can greatly help a pregnant woman to avoid iron deficiency anemia taking 6 grams of chlorella a day.

One should note that scientific information greatly differs from the one given by hype Websites. First and foremost the difference is in the purposes of two available types of information. It is clear that the hype papers tend to exaggerate or emphasize sensational or exceptional. They are more oriented towards persuading customers to buy their products, rather than towards providing them just with information about this issue, that is a main purpose of scientific sources. It is clear from these available observations that the hype article about chlorella tries to convince the readers of the truth of its words, to assure them that they really will benefit from using chlorella. It tries to impose its opinion on the readers, claiming that chlorella is the only one drug that can provide nutrition, normalize blood sugar, detoxify body, prevent cancer, heal anemia and in addition to it has no side effect. They also emphasize that this very drug costs not much and is available any time (2007).

One can notice it reading the statement from the article A Highly Nutrient Dense Superfood for Vitality and Detoxification, also retrieved from one of the hype Websites:

If you are looking for a more powerful detoxifying and heavy metal cleansing agent, please consider our Detox ND, which is a fully reduced, probiotically-generated chlorella.

Speaking about scientific articles, the first thing that needs to be said is that they have neutral stance. They provide the readers just with information, making them aware about the existence of such kind of an alga, without insisting on buying it and without persuading the readers in its excellence. One more difference between scientific and hype articles is that the first can discuss opposite points of view concerning some issue, whereas the second tend to have just one opinion. For instance, in the case of chlorella, the scientific article Chlorella opposes two different meanings about a healing effect of chlorella regarding to the cancer, pointing out that one investigation made a conclusion that a protein extract of chlorella really stopped the cancer in mice, but another one found out that in the case of mice the chlorella helped just to reduce the bad effects of chemotherapy without influencing the spread of cancer cells (2011).

So, having looked through all the given examples, one can come to a decision that it is much better and safer to consult some scientific information concerning one or another issue, rather than some hype articles, which can be not correct and not reliable.

Buy custom Chlorella essay

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