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Molecular Biology

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Total RNA refers to the purified RNA which are obtained from tissues. The contents are all cells RNA. It is worth noting that there is a difference between the purification obtained in m RNA only. In addition, there are various RNA molecules that can be found in cells. FFFD is the abbreviation used for Freeze- Fracture/ Freeze Drying, which is a method used for X- ray microanalysis for bulk specimens. A certain percentage is treated using this method.


This refers to messenger RNA. It is the bigger RNA molecules family, and its role is conveying genetic information to the ribosome, and from the DNA. In the ribosome, the protein product’s amino acid sequence is specified, and therefore gene expression. After m RNA is transcriped by the RNA polymerase, the m RNA is translated to form amino acids polymer. This is a protein, as stipulated in molecular biology central dogma.

Identifying feature of mRNA is recognised by the RACE-dT primer?

The system allows separation and isolation of complete 5’ sequence to as little as the total RNA 10 ng. The greatest benefit with RACE-Dt primer is the smart technology associated with it. This gets rid of the necessity for bothersome adaptor ligation. Moreover, it allows a person to directly utilise c DNA first strand in RACE- Dt primer directly. This is an advantage which renders the instrument much quicker and less complicated to use. Hence, the instrument is extremely handy in identifying various m RNA features.

If you were asked to make a working solution of 200ml of 1 x TBE, what volume of 10 x TBE stock would you require?

10X TBE buffer package contains adequate pre- measured powder, thereby making 1 lited 10 X TBE. To make 200ml of 1 x TBE, a volume of 5ml 10 x TBE stock is required.

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