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Polyester is a synthetic material produced through polymerization. The material replicates naturally occurring group of chemical compounds such as cutin. Due to its attractive chemical properties, polyester has valuable applications. This paper investigates production, use, and trends in polyester production and marketing.  

Historical Information

Polyester was introduced in American market in 1952 as a modern world fabric. Immediately, the fabric became popular due to its economic properties (Meikle, 1995). In particular, people liked the material since it required no ironing and, it became known as the mystical fabric. Du Pont de Nemours was the first company to produce the material at a commercial scale (Meikle, 1995).

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Since its invention, polyester has experienced a growing market. Its key selling points include durability and low market prices. Currently, the developing world holds more than 70% of global polyester market. Global demand for polyester is expected to hit 39.3 million tons within the next three years with China been the main producer (Companies and Markets, 2012). Currently polyester is used in the production of clothing materials or blending other fabric, particularly natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and flux. Although the reputation of polyesters as a fashionable material is over, the fabric still enjoys considerable share of American market. Currently 38% of American polyester used in cloth production while industrial applications consume 19 percent (Companies and Markets, 2012).


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Polyester is manufactured from petroleum bi-products and, therefore it can be produced cheaply. The material is also strong, flexible, shiny, and durable. These properties allow polyester to have both industrial and clothing applications. Unfortunately, polyester burns easily and it cannot be used under extreme temperatures. Secondly, the material contributes to environmental pollution since it is not biodegradable. This issue has contributed to a decline in it production over the years.

In conclusion, polyester has desirable properties necessary for industrial and domestic applications. Since its invention, polyester has gained increasing popularity. This has been possible due to its attributes and flexibility in application.

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