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4Ps of Marketing

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Coca-Cola is a famous brand, which combines all 4Ps of marketing to achieve successful results all over the world. This paper examines each of the 4Ps of Coca-Cola’s marketing mix.

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Coca-Cola’s product policy is based on technological capabilities of production, buyers' opinions about expected benefits of this product, and existence of similar products in the market. Coca-Cola is the most recognized trademark. The company's products are soft drinks, usually in the form of a sweet fruit carbonated water and non-carbonated fruit tea.


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Coca-Cola drink is the most expensive within the soft drinks group in the consumer’s market; nevertheless, it is still the most popular drink. It is known that production of fruit powder drink is quite expensive. However, plastic bottles have kept the level of price competition with domestic manufacturers, but glass bottles clearly demonstrate the phenomenon of the drink’s high cost compared to products of other producers. In this case, the company’s price emphasizes a very prestigious beverage and its exceptional comfort with high-class design.


The Coca-Cola Company has chosen a strategy of intensive distribution. It seeks to maximize sales outlets as their products represent basic goods acquired mainly through impulse purchases. The company used to have siblings or duplex channels of distribution. Generally, there are few companies (traders, agents, and auxiliaries), which take part in this process.

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Film and TV advertising are particularly important for The Coca-Cola Company. It uses services of top international advertising agencies. In recent years, measures or promotions, which stimulate demand and supply of goods and services, have become popular too. The aim of such activities is to get approval and support for this group of goods or services from key audiences. The Coca-Cola Company has become a long-time and devoted partner of the Football League and the most famous brand in the world. Finally, The Coca-Cola Company has a great experience in the sphere of international marketing, which helps it keep a lead position in the market.

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