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Banyan Tree Spa has few key messages. Firstly, it is an outstanding combination of the unique Asian traditions and heritage and word-class luxurious service. Secondly, Banyan Tree Spa uses individual attitude to each client, offering individual villas and intimate experience. Thirdly, the Spa is a “romantic escape for couples” (Appendix 1). Therefore, it is located in the most picturesque and marvellous place of Singapore. Besides, the company’s therapists are more professional, than their colleagues from other spas. That is why the clients will definitely get high-qualitative innovative treatments (Roll, 2006).


Banyan Tree Spa clearly needs certain sources to deliver its messages to the clients. First of all, they can rely on the clients, who have already used their services, and want to recommend the Spa to their friends, relatives, and other potential customers. Another source of sending the company’s messages is through a famous person. However, the last source can lead to the increasing costs. Therefore, it is more reasonable to use free social media. For example, one of the most effective ways is Trip Advisor, where potential clients can read spa reviews, and leave and share their own impressions.     


The main channel of communication with customers is the Internet, because it is able to cover wide audience in a short time with quite low expenses. The Internet incorporates the official website, profiles in the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (audio/video channel). Another channel is direct mail to the clients and potential customers.

The receiver and desired target market response

The primary receivers of the Banyan Tree Spa services are the couples, who want to escape from the busy city life to the remote relaxing spa. Besides, the target audience of this spa are people over 20, who probably have family and stressful jobs, so they need various treatments to relax, such as different kinds of massage. These people should clearly have at least an average income, because Banyan Tree Spa is a luxurious spa, and its pricing policy is quite tough (Roll, 2006). The desired target market response is the increase of interest in the company’s service. For example, the potential customers should visit the official website, read its blogs, and follow the news in the micro blogs like Twitter, and watch the spa’s videos in YouTube. All these things will lead to the increasing brand awareness, enhancing the firm’s image, and reinforcing purchase decisions. The people, who already use the company’s services, will share their positive experiences in the social media, and consequently, will stimulate potential clients to use services offered by the Spa.

Execution and Appeals

The most reasonable kind of appeals for spa is addressing to the people’s emotions; especially, when advertisers present the company though video, where visual and sound elements are combined. This way is effective, because spa is such kind of appearance, where customers primary want to get positive emotions like joy, delight, and relaxation. Moreover, if they get the positive emotions during the first using of the company’s services, they will come to the same place again. Therefore, “emotional appeals create personal attachments with brands and these attachments can turn into long-term bonds” (Board, 2010). As for execution, it should be informative and demonstrative, so it means that the company’s advertisements are supposed to present the real information about the services. Besides, they should demonstrate the ways the treatments can benefit for a client (Board, 2010).

Draft communication materials  

One of the major communication channels of Banyan Tree Spa is the official website. Therefore, it should make a good impression on current and prospective clients. The features of qualitative website are intuitive navigation, relevant and updated content, fast loading pages, readable text, nice design that reflects the company’s image, professional illustrations, contact details on every page, and top ten listings in the search engines (Smith, n.d.). Besides, Janet D’Angelo (2009) insists on incorporating a simple request into the website. As a result, the customers will get an opportunity to ask for adding them to the company’s mailing lists. Besides, the website should provide its visitors with such options as “receive a brochure” and “subscribe to your newsletter”. It is also very important not to bother clients with the company’s emails. The most efficient way is to send not more than 2 emails per month. The receivers should be only the existing clients or the potential ones (D’Angelo, 2009).

Media Plan and Strategy

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Banyan Tree Spa can use the various types of media in order to increase the number of bookings for its services. For example, media broadcast (radio and television), print media (newspapers and magazines), Internet, or direct mail (Jun, 2008). However, the social media are the most reasonable tool to increase the spa’s sales, because it is able to spread the company’s message to a wider audience in a shorter period of time. Besides, 43% of people aged 20-29 (target audience of Banyan Tree Spa) spend more than 10 hours a week on the social media sites. Moreover, “58% of businesses that have used social media marketing for over 3 years reported an increase in sales over that period” (Bosari, 2012).

On the other hand, the social media requires a time commitment on a regular basis. New media usually includes websites, blogs, social networking sites, and social bookmarking sites. To start with, blogging represents more informal communication channel. It is able to develop the brand awareness of the company and allows getting feedback from the customers. Another effective tool is micro-blogging (e.g. Twitter), which is a useful way of reaching different communities of people. In addition, it can be used for drawing attention to the company’s website and blogs and for effective messaging. Another social media, social bookmarking, can be used for sharing interesting information with customers and it can be easily integrated into the company’s website. Lastly, YouTube can add audio-video channel (I4D Project & Stausberg, 2009). Therefore, the social media is able to execute all three communicative objectives of the company for a short time with small budget expanses. Moreover, they can cover all target audience, because only Facebook has 500 million active users. Besides, this social network helps “to reach the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing”. Twitter has over 105 million active users and can send messages to the customers immediately (Salon Zebra, n.d.). However, the social media resources need constant updating. The best strategy to deal with this difficulty is planning. Firstly, it is better to start with dividing the available platforms into groups and deciding what needs to be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis (Preece, 2010).




Tweet/respond to tweets/re-tweets

Write a new blog

Produce a new video and distribute it via TubeMogul

Check Facebook pages, groups and profiles

Engage with relevant bloggers on their blogs

Upload new photos to Flickr

Respond to the blog comments

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Check Linkedln and Linkedln groups

Post new PDFs to Scribbd

Add Delicious Bookmarks

Search for and add new  Twitter followers

Add new presentations to Slideshare

Check RSS Feeds

Make new Twitter lists/curate old lists

Distribute bulletins or news on PitchEngine

Table 2. Media Schedule (Preece, 2010)

Campaign Evaluation           

The effectiveness of the campaign can be evaluated though brand analysis, which includes brand slip analysis. “Brand slip analysis demonstrates how the perception of the product has changed over a certain period of time.  The audit assesses a brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat” (Mango PR, n.d.). Besides, it is highly important to monitor the company’s website. For example, the Google Analytics technology is able to detect sections of the website with low traffic, and demonstrate the places, where visitors are coming from. In addition, the company should analyze the effectiveness of the social media, estimating the number of people that visited them, posted information, added their videos or followed the Spa in micro blogs like Twitter. The number of searches in such search engines as Google reflects the results of the campaign as well. Lastly, the number of bookings demonstrates how effective the company’s campaign was. Moreover, it is useful to conduct a process evaluation in order to make mid-course corrections. For example, it allows determining strengths and weaknesses, creating the new approaches, identifying obstacles, and consulting with communications technical assistance advisors (Salon Zebra, n.d.).

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