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Business Intelligence

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Identification of business, e-business, management or public administration case for business intelligence application

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For us to understand the concepts of business intelligence better, it is essential for us to analyze a real life case scenario. Such a case scenario will provide an aid for the customary stepwise approach normally employed in assessment of various business related technological advancement. As they say information is power. However at all times what we are only able to access is data.

Let us take a simple real life case of a doctor who owns a private hospital. Just like any other business faces daily constraints that might peg its development back. The private hospital has to stand on its feet at all times. Expectations are always high especially for private investors and thus quality cannot be compromised. The doctor will aim at maximizing output and minimizing cost. Such techniques call for proper application of factors of the cheapest factors of production that is land, capital and labour.

At this juncture we should have an empirical view on the scope of problems that the medical practitioner is face with in his or her private venture. The doctor will be in dire need of data that will assist in monitoring of all the factors of production. He or she will require all the details of the hospitals employees in various departments for example in dermatology, psychiatry etc.Let us say the doctor notes a rising number of psychiatry patients. He or she will be spot on to ensuring an effective study of the nature of extent of damage such patients are depicting. He might want to keep tabs on instance of reported cases reported weekly nature of patient and the employee doctor who attended the patient. This is just but a pick of a drop in sea of the niche of problems that can be bridged by business intelligence (KUDYBA,2001).

Proposal of a conceptual framework or model for using BI solutions for dealing

With the problem identified. The theoretical rationale, procedures, processes,

and supporting techniques.

The problem highlighted cannot be underestimated. Such a private sector should be able to exploit any opportunities that arise with increase with number of patients. Business intelligence is a magical tool that can be embraced in the case (TURBAN,2008).

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To start with, all the raw data required by the practitioner will be gathered according to plan. In business intelligence, data is considered a priceless tool that forms the basis of analysis of building a successful system. Up to scratch technological methods that keep up with all the needed should be set up with help of a qualified IT expert. Design of infrastructure is perhaps a formidable part of the system. Ballooning data make systems design more cumbersome. A designer will need to ask the question “will the system be able to cope up with future data?”This will reduce the need of system breakdown. The doctor might employ phone applications to track the hospital’s records. Android operating system market has provided an easier and interactive way software design. A hospital app can easily solve the cited case problems.

IT experts will be key to the hospitals systems design and analysis (WEBER,1999). They will be involved in designing databases and setting up a website that will provide clear cut interfacing between all the networks that accesses the hospitals data. The doctor would thus find it efficient to data mine at all times. If distant away he or she will keep tabs on the psychiatry department and all other departments. Multidirectional flow of data in the hospital will result to easier access of information from any side of the hospital ensuring efficiency. This is unlike the obsolete linear flow of data.

Let us now take an instance where there is a double increase in psychiatry patients in a given week. With the systems put in place the doctor can take quick action regarding the situation. It is also the responsibility of the practitioner to make quick reports to the government regarding such issues. The various set up intelligence systems act as source of information in this scenario.

Research has shown that shoddy work in business intelligence have caused failure in many businesses. Access to such theoretical should help the doctor in our case scenario avoid disparities in creation of business intelligence systems.

Choice and justification of relevant BI methods, techniques and technologies for

Dealing with the problem under the framework proposed

Regarding our hospital problem, various business intelligence methods can be employed by the concerned analysts associated with systems created. The most common method is data mining. Data mining is process used to visualize data patterns from given data. Data stored in data marts and warehouses is less useful in the stored state (MICHALEWICZ,2007). A professional data analyst will be expected to accrue information out of the hospitals database. The analyst will assist the doctor in making brilliant decisisons.If the hospital is registering an increase in psychiatry patients the doctor will be able to at least make a wise budget for the department. He may order for more equipment and improve on staffing.

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OLAP is the other method useful to analysts (SABHERWAL,2011). This is a complex query method gaining popularity in a lot of databases. In our case, a site where patients and the general public leave comments about the hospital services can be of help. Querying can then be done to check on the various information of essence from the websites database.

One other very essential tool in business intelligence is predictive analysis. Future prospects are very valuable to any business today. The hospital in question can use the data at hand to shed some light to the other on the future (TOMBACH,1959). This method employs complex mathematical formulae. All the variables involved in predictive analysis are plugged into the formulae and then played.

Other business techniques involved in business intelligence are

  1. Model visualization
  2. Exploratory data analysis
  3. Temporal and sequential data analysis
  4. Classification
  5. Clustering and outlier analysis
  6. Link analysis
  7. Predictive data modeling

All the cited techniques can be integrated into the hospital business to optimize performance. The techniques mainly involve statistics. Trends and periodicity from the mined data will be analyzed using charts, histograms and graphs. Correlation between a set of data items can also be noted (LOSHIN,2003).


The above business scenario just shows the vitality of business intelligence in business today. Maximization of profits through proper resource management and great decision making has been made typically easier and faster than before. Human resource management has also been impacted positively with the development of business intelligence.

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