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Control Methods

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In an organization such as Target Corporation there are certain quality control measures undertaken for effective quality control. Guidelines is one of the measures that every organization has to put in place to give the way forward on daily bases to the workers so as to give them self drive. Guidelines in the Target Corporation Company will help in increasing the number of branches in the world and expand as per the guideline targets of the top management. Through guidelines the management can get a polite way of delivering information to their world wide companies, hence creating good human relationships within the organization (Armand Vallin Feigenbaum, 2011).

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Checklists are used as reminders to keep the file footage of the organization such as that of Target Corporation that started long time ago. Templates in Target Corporation can be used in products blending, instructing and giving examples about the company. Example documents give the samples of past achievements which are very important in quality control so as to give good results required by the organization (Rowley, 2010). In Target Corporation, it will enhance the performance of workers and give them motivation of breaking past records by opening more branches worldwide.

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Evaluation Method for Quality Control

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During quality control exercise, expert review will help the target corporation company in identifying any failures and looking for viable solutions to the problems and making them their strengths. Peer review is another quality control evaluation method that can make the interrelations in the Target Corporation Company become stronger leading to excellent results within itself and the outside world. Walk through and inspection incorporate both content and structural information for the products of the organization. This can help the target corporation company in adding value to their products, thus increasing their income by a large percentage (Armand Vallin Feigenbaum, 2011). 

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