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Costco Wholesale Store

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Costco wholesale is arguably one of the biggest wholesale stores, not just in the United States but across the globe (Cascio, 2006). It boasts a whooping six hundred warehouses meant for distribution of goods and a further mind-boggling sixty million clients who seek for the company’s products. The company dominates the American consumer market. Consequently, it has sought to spread its wings and diversify its markets. Today, it operates in a number of countries giving it a global tag. Such countries include Japan, Mexico, Australia, and Puerto Rico among others. There seemingly exists no limit to the variety of goods and services offered by Costco Wholesale. Pharmaceutical products, electrical appliances, groceries, mortgage, travel packages, name it (Cascio, 2006). All these, the clients can access with relative ease and convenience courtesy of Costco Wholesale Corporation. The company focuses on providing its clients, mainly the small and medium sized business, the opportunity to obtain quality products and services at highly competitive prices. The statistics do not lie either as the company recorded a $99.1 billion in revenue in the previous year alone.

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Costco’s mission statement is to keep availing quality products and services to its clients at fair prices. The mission statement clearly outlines what each employee of Costco Wholesale Corporation should do to keep the owners happy (Rubinfeld, 2009). The owners in this context refer to the shareholders. The mission statement further highlights the means by which such efficiency levels can be reached at and they include taking good care of the employees and the members, remaining in good terms with the vendors and abiding by the law. These highlights act as guidelines for the employees enabling them stay on track whenever they are handling any matters pertaining to the business.

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Redirection of Internal Affairs based on Mission Statement

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Companies can follow in the footsteps of Costco Wholesale Company and come up with inspiring mission statements that serve to catapult employees towards reaching operational efficiency. The company can outline the necessary steps needed to reach its objectives within the mission statement. This serves as constant reminder to the employees, enabling them work out a formula to meet company objectives and expectations (Rubinfeld, 2009).

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