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Human Resources

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There has been a noted increase in labor competition in the market. It is well known that in the corporate world some conservative company policies need to be adjusted for the firm to stay ahead of competition. Providing employees with healthcare benefits is one of the major ways of ensuring employees’ needs are being met. Health is one of the vital element of life, and, therefore, one of the aspects that is taken into great consideration. Employees need to be sure that there welfare is being taken care of. Providing healthcare benefits will not only assure this but will also improve people’s focus on work. Healthcare cost have has been on a steady increase in the US due to increased cost of living. Therefore, many organizations are losing credible and talented manpower as a result of diseases. These health conditions attract costs that are high for an individual to meet. Even the health insurance policies are unable to cover these costs. With the ever increasing unemployment rate, organizations are cutting on labor costs and, therefore, targeting highly skilled manpower. However, this comes at a cost as those qualified employees prefer organizations that have favorable working conditions. Consequently, conservative policies limit the organization’s position to get highly skilled services.

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The organization has a general obligation of ensuring that the welfare of its employees is being met. According to the employees’ needs, they should access medical cover for both in-patient and out-patient services. The selected hospitals should be a highly accredited ones. Also, the medical cover should be extended to their family members. Even in the scripture, Jesus took measures to ensure that his disciples are fed (John 21:1-25). Therefore it is a moral obligation for the organization to safeguard the needs of the workers. The organization stands to benefit in all this once it will be able to get highly skilled and talented manpower. Also, it will improve the image of the organization in the market, allowing it to widen its clientele.

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